Admissions and fees

Admission into THS​


The admissions process for international schools in Hong Kong can be dauntingly complex and hyper-competitive. The Harbour School strives to make our admissions process clear, simple and pleasant. We want parents to have the information necessary to make the right decision because we know the impact that a school well-suited to a child can have.


THS is a family-based school and we favor applications from "one-school families". We expect all children in one family to apply. Siblings are given priority in acceptance.


Creating a like-minded community​


We are trying to create a rich and diverse environment that benefits all children by exposing them to different personalities, interests, and creative academic levels. In terms of admissions, this means that we do not have just one criterion by which to judge new applicants. Some children may be academically gifted, some socially adept, some creative or good problem-solvers. A few may be all of those things, and a few may have areas of weaknesses. Because we value diversity within our student population, and because we customize our academic curriculum, we encourage applications from all types of learners. Once you child has applied, we will schedule a trial day so that your child can get to know us and so that we can get to know your child.


THS is a family-based school and we expect that, in most cases, all of the children in one family will apply. Siblings are given priority in acceptance. Please check with the THS administration if the applicant has siblings applying to or attending another school.

School tours are available for prospective parents and supporters. They will be conducted by school staff and accompanied by parent ambassadors who are able to provide unique insights as actual parents of THS kids.

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The Harbour School Campuses


Harbour Village:

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