Admissions Decisions

About Acceptance

If the applicant is qualified and space is available, a formal letter of acceptance signed by the Head of School will be sent by email along with important information for enrollment.

The family has 7 days to accept the offer and provide payment for the family debenture and subsequent school fees in order to guarantee enrollment. Placement will be confirmed on receipt of the debenture purchase and payment of the entry fee. If the family fails to notify the school of their decision to either accept or decline enrollment within the 7-day period, the offer will be withdrawn. The applicant must reapply should they wish to be reconsidered.

For a new school year commencing in September, new students are generally not offered placement until returning students have completed their pre-registration for next year. This process takes place in March.

Waiting Pool

If the applicant has completed all qualifications to be accepted to The Harbour School, but the current grade level has no vacancies or if the applicant requires Learning Enhancement Services that are currently at capacity, the applicant will be placed in our waiting pool until an available space opens up.

The applicant may stay in the waiting pool for a period of one year from date of notification. On the 11th month, the admissions department will issue you a letter to request for updated information and re-application fee of HK$ 1,000 to continue to stay in the waiting pool for another year. If you choose not to and would like to still enroll in THS at a later date, you must go through the application process again.

The waiting pool does not operate on a first come first serve basis. There are certain criteria the admission team uses to decide which student will fill up an open spot. Such criteria includes, gender, sibling priority, nationality or learning enhancement needs.


Deferring Acceptance

The family can choose to defer acceptance for one year through the following options:

  1. Purchasing a Family Debenture at the current year thus giving them priority over any new applications for the following year.

  2. Deferring acceptance without purchasing the family debenture will treat the application like any new application for the following year.


Should the family decide to defer again for another year, they must reapply.

Recommendation to The Children's Institute (TCI) 

Students can be recommended to transfer the application to TCI based on a trial day assessment done by a THS teacher. With the families permission, we will transfer it over to TCI for their assessment at no cost to the family.


Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start applying?

We accept applications on a rolling basis, you may apply as early as you like.

How do I know what grade my child should be in?

Please contact our admissions department who can assist you with this at

How long will it take before I know if my child(ren) has a place?

If you are applying for the current academic year, you will be notified within two to three weeks.

Do you offer any priority to certain families?

Families with siblings who are enrolled or families submitting a whole family application will be given priority in enrollment. Alumni families (who have not transferred to another school in Hong Kong) will also be given priority.

Is a trial day required for all applicants?

All PreK and K grade applicants are required to attend a trial session which will be scheduled November, February and April. All other grade levels are not required unless invited by the admission team. These trial days for Grade 1 and up take place within the academic year.

Do you conduct interviews?

Interviews like trial days are not required for all applicants. Interviews are scheduled only on an as needed basis depending on each applicant. 

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