Debenture and Fees

School fees for year 2020-2021


All amounts are in Hong Kong dollars


Application fee

Prep to Grade 12


Annual Capital Levy

All students not exempted by a debenture; non-refundable



Family debenture


Effective 1 August 2019, the the family debenture price will be $450,000. Each family is required to purchase only one family debenture upon admission to The Harbour School, with the exception of families entering in Prep. A debenture exempts one student from paying the annual capital levy.


See THS Debenture Program General Terms and Conditions below for details.


Tuition fee*

*All Tuition Fees subject to Hong Kong Education Bureau Approval

Payment methods

By Direct Debit Authorization


  • Parents who have chosen to pay tuition fees in 10 installments must sign up for a Direct Debit Authorization so that the tuition fee installments are automatically debited from your account at a given date.




The following details must be filled in with this information:

Name of Party to be Credited: The Harbour School Limited

Bank No: 004

Branch No.: 808

Account No.: 320113838 - HKD Savings


Under Debtor Name and Debtor Reference, please fill in the student's name.

Send us a copy of the form to RE:DDA Form- Student's Name and the original form should be submitted to your bank. This is very important in order for us to be able to check that payments are coming through correctly.  


By bank transfer*

*Only companies are permitted to pay the school through bank transfer


  • Bank payment confirmation advice with Student Name, Student Number and Bill Number must be sent to

  • Bank transfers of the exact amount owed can be made directly to our HSBC Account No. 808-320113-838-HKD Savings. International wire transfer fees may apply. The remitter must pay for any charges incurred by both the remitting bank and the beneficiary bank.

  • Email a copy of the confirmation receipt to


Name: The Harbour School Ltd.

Bank name: HSBC

Bank code: 004

Account number: 808-320113-838 - HKD Savings

Swift code: HSBCHKHH

Notes on fees


Terms and conditions of payment


Payments can be made by arranging direct debit authorization or bank transfer. If payments are settled via bank transfer, the remitter must pay all charges incurred by both the remitting bank and the beneficiary bank so that fees are received in full. A copy of the confirmation receipt must be sent by email to for your account to be credited. Transfers made without a copy of the confirmation receipt will not be credited. A late fee of $500 per month will be charged against the outstanding amount of invoice 7 days from the invoice due date. An administration fee of $150 will be charged for any direct debit authorization not honored.




The school requires THREE full calendar month’s written notice of withdrawal or THREE full calendar month's tuition in lieu of such notice.


Application fee


Once an application is submitted, this fee is non-refundable. Application fees are not transferable.


Tuition fee


The tuition fee includes books and learning materials. The tuition fee is payable on or before the due date to secure a place for the academic year. The school reserves the right to free a space reserved for a student if all fees are not paid in full 60 days after the due date.



General Terms and Conditions of THS Debenture Program


Subject to and except as may be provided in Collateral Terms, if any, set out in a Schedule of Collateral Terms accompanying these General Terms and Conditions, the Debenture is non-interest bearing and not secured by a mortgage or charge on any property or assets of The Harbour School Foundation Limited ( the “Foundation” ) or The Harbour School Limited.


Price:                                  HK$450,000 

Payment Terms:                A. Payment in full – Family Debentures will be paid upon admission. If paid in full, the exemption from paying the

                                               annual Capital Levy takes effect immediately. 

                               B. Payment by instalments – Payments may be made by instalment as follows: $150,000 due upon admission; 

 $150,000 due 6 months after initial payment; $150,000 due one year after initial payment. Exemption from 

 annual Capital Levy for the upcoming school year takes effect only upon payment of all instalments. 

Exemption from               Upon full payment, the Debenture holder will be exempt from payment of the annual Capital Levy (currently assessed

Capital levy:                      at HK$33,000 per student) in respect of one nominated child.


Term:                                 Perpetual, unless redeemed by the Foundation.

Transfer:                           Upon approval of the Board of Directors of the Foundation and payment of the respect of one nominated child prescribed                                               transfer fee equal to the greater of:

                                          A. 15% of the face value; or

                                          B. 50% of the difference between the face value of the Debenture being transferred and the price at which such transfer takes                                               place! (“the current transfer price”), except where such transfer is itself of a previously transferred Debenture, in which                                                       case 50% of the difference between the immediately previous transfer price and the current transfer price.


Redemption:                     Only at the option of the Foundation at the face value.


1. The Debenture holder may nominate one son or daughter or adopted son or daughter (as the case maybe) of his or her family member 

(including extended family) (if Debenture holder is an individual) OR one son or daughter or adopted son or daughter (as the case may be) of a director or employee (if Debenture holder is a corporate entity) to attend The Harbour School. A Debenture does not guarantee enrolment in The Harbour School. Debentures may only be purchased after a child has been granted.


2. Debenture holders who wish to sell debentures should contact the Foundation for their names to be placed on the Resale Debenture List. The Foundation will use reasonable endeavours to match buyers and sellers and facilitate the sale and transfer of all Debentures in accordance with the Foundation’s policies and the terms and conditions of the Debenture including the payment of the prescribed transfer 


3. The Foundation is entitled to disclose the name and address of the Debenture holder, the amount of Debenture, and respective dates of allotment and redemption of the Debenture to the Companies Registry. Such information will become public record and is subject to public inspection in accordance with the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622).


4. In the event that any payment has not been settled in full when due under a Family Debenture:

(i) (a) Simple interest shall accrue on any amount outstanding at the rate of 2.5 per month;

    (b) The Foundation may treat the failure to settle any amount (including interest) that remains outstanding after 30 days as a breach of condition               so as to entitle it to cancel the Family Debenture without obligation to repay any money already received thereunder and, upon such                               cancellation, to terminate the enrolment of any student who is attending the Harbour School by virtue of any right of nomination enjoyed under           that Family Debenture;

(ii) The Foundation may, in its absolute discretion, accept late payment of any amount (including interest) outstanding for any period of time, during which period it may, however, suspend any student who would otherwise be attending the Harbour School by virtue of any right of nomination under that Family Debenture, which exercise of discretion shall not prevent the Foundation from exercising its rights under (i)(b) above at any later time, should full payment of all outstanding amounts (including interest) still not have been made.

No right of nomination may be exercised at any time during which any amount (including interest) remains outstanding under a Family Debenture.


5. For easier understanding, subject to the Schedule of Collateral Terms, if any, this document sets out a summary of the detailed terms and conditions printed on the Debenture Certificate. In case of any difference, the terms and conditions printed on the Debenture Certificate shall prevail, subject always to the Schedule of Collateral Terms, if any.

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