Secondary School

Grades 9, 10, 11 and 12

Our Secondary school students learn to think critically, collaborate with peers from diverse cultural backgrounds, harness their creativity to solve real-world challenges as they discover their passion and purpose in a safe, nurturing learning environment that cultivates personal confidence.


Hong Kong is flooded with secondary and high schools which do not markedly differ from one another. THS' Secondary School is a progressive learning community that differentiates itself from the field by applying THS's proven model of teaching and learning method, called the Harbour method developed by Head of School and child psychologist Dr. Jadis Blurton, in a collaborative learning environment. This learning approach offers its students a high degree of flexibility to construct their own paths to academic and personal growth while developing the skills necessary to succeed in the 21st-century workforce. For more information, please see our 

2019-2020 academic profile.



Differentiated, individualized curriculum 





Flexibility and academic program personalization are the hallmarks of THS Secondary School. We believe that we have created a high school offering like no other in Hong Kong.


Research shows that students learn best when they are connected to the life of their school and to the adults there who guide them. Every THS Secondary School student belongs to a small in-house advisory group and has an advisor who mentors them, helps them track their progress, set goals, discuss and solve learning issues, and build on their capacities to take responsibility for their learning.


Our Secondary School is built on the same philosophical foundation as THS’s Primary and Intermediate Schools - one that encourages students to explore the world around them and the one inside them.


The school provides a student-centric curriculum to complement structures of independence within which students are encouraged to grow academically and personally through the freedom to discover and deepen their passions and interests—with faculty, staff, and peer support.


While we believe the mastery of these skills is essential, The Harbour School recognizes that this will not happen unless within the school exists a culture of collaboration and dialogue between faculty and students.


As such, the secondary school is intent on providing forums—both formal and informal—and events within which everyone in The Harbour School community is encouraged to express themselves and provide views, insights, and suggestions into what should be the direction of the school and what is the best way of molding and achieving the vision. This requires the nurturing of an egalitarian culture, where all members of the community learn from, teach, respect and trust one another.



What do we offer?


  • The Secondary School is based on a U. S. pre-collegiate preparatory curriculum and will offer pathways that include: Honours work, credit for Advanced Placement courses (AP), and concurrent enrolment courses through Syracuse University,—which allow students to take accredited college classes and earn Syracuse University college credit while at THS.


  • The school will have an average of 1 to 8 faculty to student ratio continuing on THS's model of student-centric education. After completion of core academic requirements, the school offers opportunities for students to take on independent study modules that allow for unique pursuits or electives.


  • Preparing students to succeed in a 21st century workplace that values innovation, flexibility, and professionalism. Students develop oral and written proficiencies that are foundations for success in college and beyond. This includes participation in research projects and experiential, project-based learning methods to infuse and reinforce learnings from core academic subjects. These methods emphasise critical-thinking, collaboration, leadership, research methods and tackling real-world issues.  


  • As part of their secondary school experience, students are required to engage in independent study modules by taking courses or participating in activities that contribute to their academic and personal growth. They report on their progress and learnings at monthly symposium series styled on TED talk format led by THS Secondary students. This program focuses on development of professional habits, independent project management skills, public speaking and real world experience.


  • Students will often work in teams to learn collaboration, leadership, social navigation and interpersonal communication skills.  They will also work individually on academic and personal projects beyond their year group or to pursue individual interests and encourage community service. THS Secondary School will emphasise character-building, civic and social responsibilities and positive role-modelling.


  • Beginning in the 9th Grade, students participate in ongoing mentoring opportunities from their individual advisor and the school’s Guidance and Growth Advisor. This includes 1:1 mentoring and portfolio-building in preparation for college and university.  


  • Opportunities for students to participate on an equal, collaborative basis with administration in the development of the Secondary School, its curriculum and culture.


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THS practices a learner-centered, inclusive approach that supports and challenges each student. Recognizing that a supportive community is key to a learner's success, the school fosters relationships of trust, caring and respect among students, their families, and faculty. THS's program design elements include small school size, small classes, flexibility, advisory, discussions and debate and peer collaborative work all of which build self-efficacy to prepare our students for university and beyond. 


Come and see us

We offer a different High School model to other schools in Hong Kong with an offering that more closely resembles college and is student-directed. If you are curious about our school and would like to know more about the courses we have on offer and take a tour while classes are in session, please email our Admissions Director at with the subject line: THS High School Enquiry.  

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