Grades 7 and 8 Intermediate School

THS Intermediate School Curriculum (Grades 7, 8)



Our Intermediate Schoolers graduate having completed a rigorous curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking, logical reasoning, sound writing and persuasive rhetoric in the areas of Literature and Mathematics. By the end of Intermediate School, students will have completed a range of History, Civics and Science courses that provide a rounded foundation for discussion skills during subjective and objective inquiry. Emphasis at this stage is placed on awareness of the decision-making process during research or project completion individually or within a group. Our aim is for students to be empowered by a resilient and integrated attitude to learning, introspection and problem solving as they prepare for Secondary School and beyond.

Curriculum Design


In the Intermediate School, students have a homeroom teacher and subject specialist teachers in their core classes. There is a greater emphasis on written and critical analysis while students participate in authentic learning opportunities typical of the Project Based Learning (PBL) model. The Decisions, Decisions program includes five six-week courses per year that students select which includes immersive learning opportunities in specific courses in the areas of Economics, Ethics, History, Marine Biology, Chemistry, Politics, Physics and beginner Robotics. One of these units involves a curricular excursion during which time all Middle School students are learning in "the field".


Mathematics, Literature, Decisions, Decisions Course Series, Learner Goals, Chinese Studies-Mandarin, Library, Music Practice, Music and Media Literacy, Art, Health & Physical Education

Special Offerings


Along with participation in various local field opportunities, our Intermediate Schoolers participate in a six-week History or Marine Science course which culminates in a one week curricular-related excursion each year. They also have full use of our outdoor classroom - the Black Dolphin - for related curricular experiences while interested students are invited to participate in our levelled Sailing Crew program offered as part of our School Extension Activity (SEA) Course.

Our middle schoolers spend a week a term at The Foundry, the school's makerspace designed to cultivate innovative thinking in our students. Helmed by US maker movement pioneer Mark Barnett, the Foundry combines the learning of maths and science concepts, and apply engineering and design-thinking so that students become thinkers, innovators and problem-solvers rather than mere consumers of information. Students gather at the Foundry to tinker collaboratively with a problem and keep trying until they find a solution. The learning is interdisciplinary, promoting important educational principles such as inquiry, play, imagination, innovation, critical thinking, problem solving and passion-based learning.

A special offering unique to our school, Media Tech is taught in two purpose-built studios in our Ap Lei Chau campuses. The THS Media Tech program teaches digital media literacies to our Grades 3 to 12 students and explores the creative processes using audio, music, and video technologies. In weekly 45-minute lessons, our middle schoolers learn to design, code, engineer and create using digital technologies. 

Role In The Community


At this stage, students are held to a higher standard in striving to exemplify school Learner Goals: Perceptive, Inquisitive, Self-Determined, Integrated Within, Integrated Among, Innovative and Resilient. In addition to local community experiences afforded by the Decisions, Decisions course series, our Intermediate Schoolers have pathways within the school to lead or mentor others. Leadership seats on the Student Council are reserved for Intermediate School student candidates where they work with representatives of the student body and faculty in arranging school initiatives. They are also invited to plan and arrange their own interest courses in our school-wide SEA Course program.

Performing and Visual Arts


At this stage, students study conceptual art and design including Advertising, Street Art, Graphic Design, Installation, Curation and Multi-media processes and techniques. In Music, they take two classes weekly, one with focus on guitar and keyboarding and the other with focus on digital technology and composition. During Arts Interim Week, Middle Schoolers have a wider range of courses to choose including: Playwriting, Photography, Songwriting, Filmmaking, Multi-Media Arts. They also have the opportunity to try out for a starring role in our Spring school production.

Physical Education And Athletics


The Intermediate School Physical Education program emphasizes fitness in terms of Lifetime Activities, Movement, and Individual, Dual and Team Activities. At this stage, students evaluate individual fitness measures in relationship to their own patterns of physical activity and have well-being goals which encourage participation in offerings in the greater Hong Kong community: Hiking, Rugby, Swimming, Soccer, Basketball, Gymnastics or Dance. Within the school, Intermediate Schoolers have the opportunity to participate in the following athletic courses from our School Extension Activity (SEA) Course program: Wrestling, Indoor Climbing, Personal Fitness.

World Language

THS provides students with opportunities to experience French and Mandarin Chinese language and culture. Students are streamed into different levels during world language classes. 


THS world language program provides hands-on experiences to students and we focus on real-life application of the languages. Students learn the languages through communities, comparisons, communication, cultures and connection (5Cs). 

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