Every once in awhile, I hear people referring to THS as being “play-based.”  I think this impression or description comes from the fact that our kids seem to be smiling and enjoying themselves a lot of the time.  But there are a number of reasons that the description d...

Along with the happy return to normality at school, the Black Dolphin too has returned to the waters with students. From organising archeological digs to tracing the steps of the first explorers, First Mate Jay and I have had a rewarding term with welcoming students ba...

We are living in hard times. The coronavirus pandemic has caused the world to come to a halt and left each of us feeling a little powerless...full of doubt and apprehension for our loved ones.

Since February, the pandemic has been a constant, everyday topic all round th...

After months of promoting our virtual library and encouraging students to persist with good reading habits albeit digitally via reading apps, we were excited to set aside screens and celebrate Booktober all month in person, on campus. Or to borrow an oft-used millennia...

When THS first started participating in field hockey tournaments ten years ago in 2010, the use of technology in sports was uncommon.  Emails were sent to organise timings with attached spreadsheets that had to be downloaded and changed each time an amendment was made....

"What does physics have to do with math?” This is a question that often comes about in one form or another during the beginning of a unit of study in particle motion with my Pre-Calculus classes here at The Harbour School (THS). It is important to note that I often do...

Part of the process of making and creating involves solving problems. Lots of problems, big and small. Small problems like how to attach two small pieces of wood together in order to achieve a certain design outcome, or larger problems like how to make sure a car’s air...

“I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.” J. K. Rowling.

As a young child, I was a reluctant reader. I only ever read what I was told I had to read in school, and would try to get through the books as quickly as possible so I could go o...

September 25, 2020

Su Shi, a famous poet in the Song Dynasty, wrote in his poem Mid Autumn Moon, “May we live long and share the beauty of the moon together, even if we are hundreds of miles apart,”

Chinese people all over the world celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival which is also popularl...

We all recognise that The Harbour School adopted a learning stance in which we successfully found our way through the COVID-19 upheaval of last academic year more or less unscathed. It is now more important than ever to be as prepared as possible —both for our sanity a...

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