November 29, 2015

‘Fairness does not mean everyone gets the same. Fairness means that everyone gets what he or she needs.’

- Richard Lavoie

Richard Lavoie is a special education expert from America. In his DVD, How Difficult Can This Be: The F.A.T. City Workshop, he talks about the notio...


The Black Dolphin as of this writing is currently anchored off Round Island, the fifth grade class is ashore for the day examining the relationship between world explorers and the natives that they encountered.

I love the feeling of being at anchor, the boat gently b...

One of the greatest challenges in any history class — from both the students' and the teachers' standpoints — is what to do with content.


All those dates, names, places, occurrences, causes, consequences, more dates, more names… it can all become overwhelming, pa...

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