Using Theater in an English Classroom was taught in the shaded barn basement during a sticky summer in Ripton, Vermont. The professor was a professional actress whose fairy-like mannerisms and boundless energy sparked excitement and anticipation in the teachers that sa...

Why did I become an historian? I was troubled by the paradox I was taught in school. I learned in history classes that people of the past didn’t think the way we do, live the way we do, or feel the way we do. They were almost another species.

The characters I met in Eng...

The myth is that if we simply allow for innovation, it happens.

People are naturally creative, right? So if we simply remove constraints, teachers and students will gleefully reveal their creative inner selves and parents will delight to see new ideas in action. And yet...

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A Culture of Innovation

June 5, 2017

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June 24, 2020

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