Over the years at THS, I have gained a reputation for my various volunteer efforts around the world and involvement in community issues. I have also been lucky to be able to work in a school which allows me to channel my passion for voluntary aid into my classroom expe...

THS Book Buddies is a year-long collaborative reading project which sees the pairing of our High School students with our Prep students to cultivate reading and social interaction skills.

As part of the program, our High Schoolers receive training from The Harbour Vill...

“Why learn another language when everyone else speaks in English?” In the many English-language schools I’ve taught over the years, I have heard this question repeatedly. Indeed, if others already speak English, why should they learn another language? Well, through the...

November 6, 2017

The Harbour School is located in the midst of rich marine biodiversity. Hong Kong waters host more than 25 per cent of all marine species recorded in China. According to a 2016 review by a research group led by Professor Gray A. Williams of The Swire Institute of Marin...

A dancer. An artist. A psychologist. A TV presenter. A mechanic. An insect keeper. A teacher. These are the things that we - teachers on the Water Floor - wanted to be when we were younger (and no, we weren’t fibbing about that last one)! While some of us have obviousl...

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June 5, 2017

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June 24, 2020

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