I have yet to hear a person say Hong Kong is boring and there is nothing to do. In this fast-paced environment with no shortage of entertainment, finding an activity that suits your needs is fairly easy. Many people say Hong Kong has that “buzz” that you don’t find any...

“I get knocked down, but I get up again
You are never going to keep me down,”

Tubthumping by Chumbawumba, 1997

As teachers, our goal is to see our students become successful. We take pride in knowing that we have somehow contributed to student advancement - be it academ...

“I feel a bit sick from the bus ride.” 
“I went to the beach on the weekend, it was so cool!”
“I had a fight with my Auntie this morning.”
“I told my mum thank you, because my breakfast was yummy!” 
“I hope you have a great day.”

These are just a handful of comments I r...

Teaching music to primary-aged students in a group setting is, in my opinion, the most important job in the entire field of music education. I am not the first to think this way. World famous composer Carl Orff, composer of *Carmina Burana - a very popular piece you ha...

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