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Have you ever wondered how The Harbour School has changed over the years? Well, Emma and Bárbara from Grade 5 are here to tell you.


Emma has been a student of The Harbour School for five years. She joined the school in Grade One. Emma is a capable student who is exceptional in Maths and Literacy. She has seen the Harbour School “grow up” with her.


“The Harbour School unlocks my best. It means that students learn to be their best,” she said.


Bárbara has been in The Harbour School for two years. She is a resilient, perceptive and self-determined student. She shows great creativity in all subjects. She said, “The Harbour School is different from other schools. It makes students what they really are, that’s really important.”   


 Together, Emma and Barbara made their observations of what they love about THS:


The Garden and The Grove

At The Garden, we have classrooms with glass walls which make the new campus seem more open and inviting than the old campuses. The glass lets in more light than the solid walls at the old sites. The open space gives our school more of a community feel as passers-by can see what is happening in the classroom. Students can observe what other grades are learning. This makes students feel closer to one another as they have a sense of everyone being part of the one school.


We had three different campuses so we didn’t get to meet any other students from other grades easily. However, we are looking forward to being all in one campus in Ap Lei Chau so that it is easier to get to know other students.


Becoming a “through-train” school

Since The Harbour School was started, it has grown from year to year, adding new Grade classes with each year. Although it started as a kindergarten and primary school, our school now goes above Grade 8. to high school with the addition of a Grade 10 class! Soon, students will be able to begin and finish their secondary education at The Harbour School. For us as students, this is a very comfortable arrangement. It means that once we settle in at school, we do not have to worry about going to a new school where we do not know anyone. Instead, we can stay at The Harbour School and be with all our friends and favorite teachers.  


The new school logo

The Harbour School changed its logo this year. Previously, the logo showed a red boat on the blue water of Victoria harbour with white outlined skyscraper in the background. The new logo features a boat with two sails, one red and one blue, with the wavy blue lines of the water beneath it and a blue arc around the sails of the boat. Together with the words, “The Harbour School - Unlocking the best” the whole image appears like a key. We think that this is because education is the key to our future. The Harbour School can help us open the lock to happiness and success. The new logo changed the way we feel about the school to something more meaningful.


More outside time at recess

Last year, the students had to have lunch inside every single day, that made lunch really boring. Even if we had a thirty minute recess we had really little space and time. Now, we have a whole hour outside with all the students. Now, we can play with other students from the other grades for a longer time, run around and talk in the Ap Lei Chau sunshine. Kids need to go outside for at least one hour in school, before we had to be stuck inside and weren’t even allowed to go to the terrace. In addition, it is much better because we get to meet more people and be around nature for more time.

In conclusion, the new changes are better because we get to meet more people and learn about new places. The most important thing is that now we have more space and it’s much more fun.

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