Earth without art is simply "Eh"

Few things express the human condition and instil the joy of creation as well as the arts. It fuels culture and an appreciation for the way we endure as a race. We know this well, especially in Hong Kong where our city is currently abuzz with anticipation for Art Basel and Art Central, which this year coincides with our very own THS Arts Interim during the week of March 20 to 25, 2017.


First forays with finger paints or crayons transform the blank page into a piece that takes pride of place on the family fridge, a rite of passage for many a toddler. At Arts Interim, the same magic happens but for students of all ages. For some it's a chance to try a new art form and for others it's a chance to hone an already existing passion, possibly occupation.


If you've ever visited the school during any of our Arts Interim weeks, you know well the excitement that electrifies the halls (more than usual!). Whether it's due to the no uniform policy (a nod to self-expression) or the mixed age classes, or the build up for performance Friday, it's clear that the air is different- fun, invigorating. Learning has been refreshed.

It's unfortunate that many schools and programs perceive the arts as having "less" value than "serious" subjects like Literacy or Numeracy because in so many ways the arts are complementary equals with its rightful place at the curricular table. In fact, one might argue that on so many fundamental levels it makes us better people- inspiring us to create rather than simply consume, to value time and craftsmanship rather than to swiftly disregard. It is through the arts that we learn to manage materials and talents, think of the why, appreciate aesthetic, broaden our thinking, consider the void, work with others and learn the value of perseverance and practice.


What it isn't for sure, is boring.


Viva la Art!



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