What do roller coasters, human body systems, whales, and plankton all have in common? The answer lies in our philosophy behind learning and teaching at The Harbour School. We provide rich, diverse experiences in the study of science. Student enthusiasm thrives through hands-on activities, experiences outside the classroom, and real world discoveries.


In these first few months of 2018, our middle school students have tested ocean water aboard The Black Dolphin, analyzed roller coaster forces and motion at the AIA carnival in Central, created classroom inventions, and explored the Hong Kong Science Museum studying DNA, evolution, and the human body. Engaging with the world, our students create their own deep connections and understanding of science.


Across the globe from Toronto to Taipei and Hawaii to Hong Kong, Earth Hour will roll across the world on the evening of March 24. This breathtaking annual event draws awareness to the challenges created by our changing climate. For one hour, iconic buildings and historic monuments around the globe will be darkened. The Eiffel Tower, the Sydney Opera House, the Kremlin, and monuments throughout Washington, D.C. will switch their lights off. In Hong Kong, its much photographed city lights will dim when landmark skyscrapers from the ICC in Kowloon to the HSBC building in Central go dark.


Millions of people and thousands of organizations will participate in this global event, as will we at THS. Our goal is to connect our students to the world around them and beyond, to make thoughtful decisions, and most importantly, to take action and find solutions. Here’s a song our students co-wrote as part of Arts Interim 2015 to remind us all how important it is to remember Earth Hour (https://youtu.be/5GUCvetE2Fw).


As March 24 is not a school day, we will observe Earth Hour a day early on Friday, March 23. Afternoon classes will focus on energy challenges through activities, investigations, and lessons that do not utilize electricity. That’s right, we will not be using lights, televisions, projectors, or computers for those hours as we make it our mission to make “Lights out!” a meaningful event.


Interested in participating at home? Consider discussing and honoring Earth Hour (https://www.earthhour.org/) with your family and participate as the lights go out in parts of Hong Kong on Saturday, March 24th. Turn off the lights, shut down the electronics, and enjoy activities with family. Join us at The Harbour School as we spark student enthusiasm, understanding and commitment to protect Planet Earth. What better way is there to ignite a passion for science?






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