First week, fresh vibes

August 24, 2018

New uniforms and haircuts, shoes right out of the box, backpacks stuffed with personalized supplies, and lunch boxes full of healthy fuel for growing minds. School has officially begun. At The Harbour School, we are lucky to be part of a supportive and like-minded community, and with each new year we welcome new members to the growing family. As we settle back into routines and meet new friends, we asked a few students, teachers and parents to share their thoughts and feelings about the new school year.



My youngest daughter was so excited about the first day of school and getting to see Mrs. C and her friends, that at 730 on Monday night, she was crying and insisting that I take her to school right then! My oldest made cards for Mr. Buck and Ms. Deng, as she was so looking forward to seeing them again. We are so happy that our kids are excited and look forward to school… there’s no fighting about going to school in the morning- just coming home in the afternoon!

-Lissa, Mom of Lorelei and Amelie, Prep



I don’t have to wear shoes.  I can bring my own slippers. Now I have my best buddy forever.  My cubby is at the highest spot.

-Theo, G2


Middle School

I’m excited for the new year because I think that I’ll enjoy all the new classes. I am also excited because of how many new people there are for me to make friends with. I look forward to all my classes, especially Drama and Applied Marine Science. I already got locker 314, which is pretty cool because last year I won the Pi challenge and memorized nearly 50 digits of pi.

-Saxon, G8


Personally, I am looking forward to the idea of hands on learning activities in the wet lab as well as the Foundry. Having signed up for Marine Biology, I cannot wait to interact with new people and understand the world around me. Another thing is that being more at the Grove campus, I can access more materials and equipment for projects and fun. I have also noticed how the dynamics of our new space makes it easier to connect with my peers.

-Kai, G8


High School

THS is home but this year is the first time I am coming back with feelings of apprehension. Two of my closest friends left at the end of Grade 8 and I miss them dearly. We talked nearly everyday over the summer.

As I write this, I am enroute from Singapore to Hong Kong so I have not yet attended class. I spent the last few days choosing my courses and emailing Dr. Micci. There are many courses I signed up for that I am looking forward to attending because I think they’ll be fun. I hope to get more lab time in Chemistry, more experiments and fingers crossed, I hope I get the Marine Science Center internship.

-Aiyana, G9



I am very excited about becoming the Foundry Specialist Teacher for this coming year and ready for the challenges, along with surprises that will come our way. It is wonderful to see the beautiful, familiar faces from the Full Steam Ahead returning and we will have another great year exploring and tinkering together at The Harbour School. For SEA course, I will be teaching laser cutting for textile design and looking forward to see each of my students’ unique creations.

-Ms Ming, Foundry Specialist Teacher


It’s great to see all the shiny faces walk through the doors of Harbour Village. The first day is always interesting, with parents more apprehensive about the first day than their child, but once the day is started, and children integrate amazingly well, they become part of the THS family. Watching them grow from day one is the best thing a teacher can see.

-Mr Michelson, Prep C Teacher and Sports coordinator

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