Why Kids Teaching Kids Day Is So Special

January 18, 2019


From Grade 1 students teaching Grade 9 the science of osmosis with M&Ms to Grade 11 students strutting the Macarena with Prep students - it’s that time of year again for Kids Teaching Kids Day! A much-loved annual event at the school, it’s the one day when teachers take the backseat and students take charge of learning by teaching their peers.


“There are fewer things more heartwarming during the year than Kids Teaching Kids Day. I'm especially proud of the fact that the idea for cross-grade learning and fun was hatched by our Student Council. They wanted to be sure that even as our school grew, we’d keep the community "village" feel, and that we remember how learning experience comes from all shapes, sizes and ages. It's incredibly empowering for five-year-olds to understand they can teach 17-year-olds something new. This is valuable on so many levels. For 17-year-olds, they experience the learning that comes from teaching.” said Christine Greenberg, THS Prep-Middle School Principal.


Orchestrated by the school’s Student Council each year, Kids Teaching Kids Day is a whole school event involving all grades from Prep to Grade 12 across all three of our campuses. Students from an older grade are paired with a younger grade. Students talk to and teach each other about their passions which can be a game, crafts, cool shortcuts or tricks on a computer, singing lessons and many more. In fact, from the sheer variety of creative activities that students came up with today and more impressively, how they first prepared for these mini-lessons showed how much they love this day of cross-generational activities that encourages students to get creative and think about their love for learning, passing that along to their visiting groups.



“Kids Teaching Kids Day is one of our favourite days in the year at THS. It is wonderful to see connections building between students of different ages and being a part of the generating of ideas and hands on activities that kids love learning from other kids,” said Natalie Mierczak, THS Prep-Middle School Vice Principal


The morning started with ice-breaker games that included activities such as Telephone and a Scavenger Hunt designed to learn more about the visiting students. Students learned who can do the splits, has a dog, walks to school, or whose favorite ice cream is Mint Chocolate Chip. Students were divided into groups and shared a mini-lesson. Prep and High School students shared Chinese New Year lantern making, watercolor art, learning the Macarena, and danced together to “Do You Want to Build a Snowman.” Middle schoolers were paired with Grade 4 and exchanged tips and tricks on card games and slime making, while Grades 3 and 6 taught each other doodle art, paper airplane construction, and Keynote quizzes.


It was an inspirational and energizing day across campuses to witness students actively engaged in the processes of their learning and all of the creative passions shared between students regardless of age. Scroll through our gallery of pictures and videos to see the many magic moments experienced on Kids Teaching Kids Day.


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