Taking Sports Day Up a Peg




I’m not going to lie. When the idea of creating a virtual sports week was broached, I was skeptical to say the least. The challenges were not simply just in timing or logistics alone, but really the question I kept asking myself was: how could we possibly transfer our sports day online, make it engaging and challenging, and still have it be a successful event across the school? Well, the bald truth is that it really couldn't happen...not in the same way. So instead of trying to force a square peg in a round hole, we just needed to build a new peg or perhaps in this case, a new hole as well! 


Fast forward to today, and I think it's safe to say that VC@T Sports Week turned out to be a success and significantly more so than I expected. Every day last week, students looked forward to the daily challenges and highlights. Everyday, students engaged each other to discuss the awesome videos they saw, or wondered if they were going to be included in the next highlight reel. Everyday, I saw first hand the incredible school spirit which makes THS such an amazing place for learning, not just for the students but for its teachers as well. 


There were so many high points throughout the week. From awesome ninja courses to amazing costumes, to accuracy skills and sweet dance moves, THS students rose above and beyond their expectations day after day. However, it was Wednesday’s trick shot day that really solidified this for me as a success. That day will go down as one of, if not the best, teaching days of my life. Not only were there hundreds of awesome video submissions, but what really moved me was the quality, creativity, determination and overall hilarity of every single submission. As the day rolled into night, I found myself either smiling, laughing, or crying genuine tears of joy. A couple of videos really did it for me: whether it was the reaction of Kepler’s dad after Kepler sunk his trickshot and the subsequent relief and excitement shown by their whole family, or the incredible slap-stick style hat switcheroo from Marco and Gianna, I found it difficult to contain the pride I felt as their teacher. Two totally different takes on the task, two absolute gems. The creativity and skills shown by the students really demonstrated how through the adversity of virtual school, we have been able to come together as a learning community, and provide awesome experiences which help to unlock our best every single day. 


Thank you THS! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to learn and grow, and to push beyond what I thought was possible as a Physical Education Teacher.  You have given me a chance to become the best teacher I can be, and for that I cannot thank you enough. I mean this from the bottom of my heart - thank you for everything. 


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