Virtual Arts Interim at THS

May 29, 2020

Going virtual certainly did not limit the creativity of our students and teachers. From creating beautiful indoor flower gardens out of paper to fashioning wearable art from metal to producing stop-motion animation movies, it was a hive of activity and buzz from Prep to Grade 12 at this year’s Arts Interim which ran 25 courses at the same time. Traditionally an annual, one-week intensive Arts immersion, this year’s Arts Interim was adjusted for VC@T and held over three days. Judging from the smorsgasbord of creative work and happy smiles on our students, taking the event online was a success. Read this week’s blog from the Arts Interim team. 
The Art of Paper Flowers

Ivy Liu
A simple course in learning how to make flowers from paper for lower primary students blossomed with their creativity. Using toilet paper and tissue, we made paper flowers which were beautiful, simple and quick to make, and inexpensive. These flowers are a thoughtful handmade gift that is easy to customize, look gorgeous, and last a long time. I was pleased to see students using these flowers to decorate their home table or the walls. Some even produced flower bouquets, hair bands, and squishy using the same materials. Students accomplished their final project with much enthusiasm and demonstrated a good understanding of sustainability.




Traditional Chinese Art
Laetitia Huang


In this course, students explored a few different forms of traditional Chinese art including paper cutting and folding, calligraphy and ink brush techniques. Students made a human paper chain “dressed” in costumes that they had made for various Chinese ethnic groups, made paper flowers for window decoration, created their Chinese traditional painting art pieces, and learned the basics of calligraphy. They learned a couple of important painting and writing techniques such as ink-blowing, splatter, and the classic grip of holding a brush. Students demonstrated their different understanding of Chinese traditional art in their work, and some showed their potential as life-long learners.
Video: link
Best Work (Photos): link
French Poetry and Musical adaptation of “LePetit Prince" G4-8
Paul Yue and Selena Kong 


The Little Prince French poetry and music composition was an opportunity for students to enjoy the story of The Little Prince and to engage in some creative interpretation of the characters, themes and ideas of the book. By bringing together French poetry and music, amazing creative energy was born resulting in new paintings, compositions and poems. Students were able to explore their creativity through poems, art and music and show their appreciation and understanding of how we could see things better with our feelings. 




Poem by Alison Fong, 6A & 





Eat Pasta Run Fasta!
Maxine Cutracci


Students in Eat Pasta Run Fasta learned to cook three well known and easy Italian pasta recipes, using commonly used Italian ingredients. The three recipes were pasta alla carbonara, spaghetti with meatballs and pasta alla Norma with eggplant. I taught and cooked at the same time and I was happily surprised by what th


e students made at home. You get hungry just looking at their photos.
The Great European Adventure: Cuisine, Architecture and Art 
Agnes Thuel and Stephanie Herd 


Bonjour! Hola! Guten Tag! Students from Grade 1 and 2 embarked on a whirlwind tour of Europe with Madame Agnes and Madame Stephanie .


After a scavenger hunt activity where students had to quickly look for the ingredients and utensils needed, they successfully made two popular French dishes ‘les crêpes’ and ‘les croques monsieur’. Students tackled this gastronomic challenge with great enthusiasm and a few students even tried to ‘flip’ the crêpes in the air!


On day two, we explored famous monuments and landmarks in Europe. Students then rolled up their sleeves and re-created those landmarks using only what they have at home. We were really pleased with the innovation and creativity shown. Some creations included Eiffel towers made from Lego, a man-size Leaning Tower of Pisa built from cardboard boxes and another from toilet rolls, a milk carton Big Ben, Stonehenge made out of wooden blocks and St Basil’s Cathedral from jars and onions.

On the third day, students were challenged to replicate classical European paintings. Again, so much creativity was shown as they used people, lego, toys, costumes and even their pets to recreate their favourite paintings.


Finally, students wrote, asked and answered questions about what they have learned about Europe during this fun 3-day project by creating a DIY snake and ladder type board game.!


The Art of Storytelling
Julian Buck 


In the Art of Storytelling, high school students delved into the world of voice acting, character building and soundscapes, and through these mediums created and told unique stories of their own. Students learned about and practiced vocal modulation, along with sound and video editing to help bring original characters and stories to life. We were absolutely blown away by some of the submissions students turned in. In giving creative license, students took the opportunity to spread their wings and jump out of their comfort zone when creating awesome videos, which resulted in an incredible breadth of types of stories. 


Wearable Art
Katherine Montgomery


Wearable Art artists had many diverse and creative options over Arts Interim. Artists created copper rings (anywhere from one to eight), woven bracelets, earrings, seed bead and beaded jewelry, and jewelry that incorporated metal chain.   For many, it was their first time to work with metal and under the circumstances of home/online instruction and limited tools, they had to be creative, flexible, and resilient.  And they were all of that. Our artists crafted many great pieces of wearable art and we trust had an enjoyable week.


Ready Set Cook
Matthew Gibbs


During our Virtual Ready Set Cook activity, Chef Matt & Chef Silvio did their best to channel their inner Jamie Oliver to help encourage Culinary Curiosity and Kitchen Creativity in our THS Students. Taking on the style of a television cooking show, students were shown various ways to use a set of 'Daily Key Ingredients' and encouraged to explore their own recipes and to follow their own tastes. 

The results were both amazing and delicious and all the students truly outdid themselves during our three-day gastronomic adventure. We hope the students had as much fun as we did! Thanks everyone!    


Story time and Beyond!
Anna Chan


During Arts Interim, Prep children from Story time and Beyond read from three lovely books together and created dioramas inspired by the stories. Children used what they have at home to make the outer space, jungle and ocean mini worlds. We painted the boxes, used coloured paper to decorate our setting and drew the characters. Some of our characters could even move. Building the dioramas helped us bring the stories to life and everyone had a lot of fun in the process, showing resilience and creativity in making our dioramas.


Julia Besnard


Children are natural storytellers. A little guidance can help structure these wild ideas of theirs into a full story, with a beginning, middle, and end, as well as a proper plot and set of characters. For our Arts interim, we created a story video in three stages: first we brainstormed the characters, setting, conflict and resolution. On the second day, the children each illustrated a scene from the story. Finally, the children practised storytelling and were filmed or recorded narrating their scene. 


Lai See Packet DIY
Lydia Wang


The students in Lai See Packet DIY club spent three happy rewarding days with Ms Lydia Wang exploring fun facts about Lai See culture. We designed three different Lai Sees and a few of the designs were impressively in three-dimensional. All of us have designed one Lai See for The Harbour School. We had so much fun collaborating, listening, creating and designing during these three days. 


Voice Above The Noise: The Art of the Musical Parody

Holly Mak


Students spent the week learning about musical parodies, focusing on how irony and satire can make for humorous and memorable social commentaries. In small groups, students collaborated on making their original musical parodies on topics of their choosing, which ranged from the unexpected positive outcomes of the CoVid-19 crisis, to the polarisation of American politics. Throughout the week students wrote their own lyrics to existing pop songs, recorded melodies, and created music videos on their chosen topics, culminating in two entertaining and thought-provoking pieces of work.


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