Decisions, Decisions

Choices can be very difficult to make.  In fact, you’ve probably experienced that difficulty yourself as you were trying to select one flavor of ice cream from the 120 options available to you during your last trip to Baskin Robbins: non-dairy vegan chocolate chip cookie dough or jamoca almond fudge nutty coconut swirl?


If you are not already familiar with the concept of the Paradox of Choice, Barry’ Schwartz’s TedTalk on the subject is incredibly pertinent to the situation most of the THS seniors found themselves in this spring. The underlying fear that drives part of the college application process is the unimaginable “no-choice” situation, which then creates a very long college application list.  However, where many feared having no options, ended up with multiple and then were told in no uncertain terms that they must choose just one!  Now, if you take the stress inherently involved in the Paradox of Choice and multiply it by historic civil unrest, remote learning, and a once in a generation epidemic, well, you can empathize with how grueling this process has been.  



With that in mind, I invite you to celebrate the courage with which each of our seniors made their final post-graduation decision.  Below you will find a list of THS seniors, the institution of higher education they have chosen to attend, their intended field of study where pertinent, and whether or not they plan on taking a gap year.  Please join me in a round of virtual applause for all of the brave souls in the THS class of 2020. 


Federico Arpellino, University of California, Santa Cruz, Marine Biology


Natalie Chan, University of Waterloo, Honors Arts and Business Co-op


Thomas Chow, University of Denver 


Lily Dowell, University of Washington, Pre-Science Psychology


Maxwell Francis, still considering multiple conditional offers to study film at Arts Bournemouth University,

Westminster, or the Arts and Humanities course at the University of Sussex.  Stay tuned...


Maya Greenberg - Loyola Marymount University, School of Film and Television


Christian Lee - California Lutheran University, Film 


Jared Leong - York University, School of Arts, Media, Performance and Design, Honors Digital Media


Christopher Mann - University of Sussex, Arts and Humanities


Lucy Sneader - Elon University, Exercise science and Accelerated Pathways of Doctor of Physical Therapy


Brandon Wong - Purdue University, UX Design 


Nicholas Wong - Emerson College, Film


Nikki Wong - University of Toronto, Mississauga, Chemical and Physical Sciences


Leo Wygas - University of the Arts London, Foundation Diploma of Art and Design at Camberwell 


Rachel Yen - University of Toronto, Psychology


This list reflects those who have communicated their post-graduation plans to us. In addition, there are six seniors graduating who are either taking Gap years or are exploring other opportunities including internships and apprenticeships.


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