The Black Dolphin -
Experiential Learning At Its Best


The Black Dolphin is a classic 50-foot wooden ketch that serves as The Harbour School’s "outdoor classroom".  At The Harbour School, we believe that learning can be that much more engaging, fulfilling and enriching by experiencing lessons instead of simply taking notes behind a desk in a classroom.  


The Black Dolphin is, quite literally, a sailing platform for adventures in science, math, social studies, literacy, art, music and other areas of the curriculum. At The Harbour School, marine sciences are taught from Pre-K through to Grade 12.

While many sail programs teach sailing, and others focus on character traits and team building, we are one of the few programs that focuses primarily on education and research. Students also learn leadership skills such as collaborative problem-solving, teamwork, resilience and self-reliance. Yes, they also learn to sail and along the way, they also have a lot of fun.

More importantly, The Black Dolphin is a platform through which students may study marine biology, mathematics, physics, oceanography, geography, navigation, ecology, poetry, storytelling, history ... and much more.

Why a sailboat?

Teaching Stewardship

Marine science

Team work


Leadership skills

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