The Grove

Designing a 21st Century school 

Construction at The Grove has accelerated since moving Grades 1 to 4 classes to The Garden, bringing construction deadlines back on track.

The classrooms.

The classroom floors on the second, third, fourth and fifth floors are complete. The design embrace pedagogy to support 21st century learning for students featuring highly adaptable learning suites that feature moveable glass walls, wheels on furniture and modular classroom tables that can be easily re-arranged to teaching and learning needs. At THS, teachers are required to work collaboratively. The highly adaptable and reconfigurable learning environments - where classroom spaces can be easily doubled, tripled or quadrupled via moveable acoustic glass walls - makes collaboration between teachers and students much easier. At the same time, there are small group breakout spaces for individual, peer-to-peer and small group work.

The new library.

Completely demolishing a floor to open up a massive, cathedral-like, light-filled space that will surely excite and inspire learners, is the new library at The Grove which is nearly complete. At the centre of the new library atrium stands the six-foot-wide "Science on a Sphere" digital globe which will be used by students and teachers for social studies and science lessons. In addition to housing books to encourage learning and the love of reading, the library will be used for assemblies, as well as a space for quiet learning.

The tree house.

One of our favourite spaces at The Grove is the Tree House which extends like a covered mega-balcony from the third and fourth floors of the classroom block. Designed as an exciting multi-purpose space, a central spiral staircase connect the two floors with giant "look out" windows. The Shun Yip construction team is adding finishing touches to this space as we speak.     

All other spaces are in development and the construction company is confident that the new campus, not including the wet lab and swimming pool, will be ready by the start of the new school year on August 28, 2017. We can hardly wait. 

The wet lab will be developed by MET Studio, a design leader in experiential museum exhibits and displays, and promises to deliver yet another eye-popping educational experience. Please see this joint press release.

We thank our teachers, students, administrative staff and parents for their steadfast and unceasing support and understanding throughout a challenging year due to the construction. We especially thank our Grades 1 to 4 teachers and specialist teachers who showed resilience and innovative-thinking by adapting and creating very high-quality lessons and outcomes in spite of the disruptions. 

The Grove - entrance
Welcome to The Grove
The Grove from the back
THS is passionate about the ocean and marine life. From The Grove, THS students will have a view of the Aberdeen Harbour as well as the Black Dolphin, the school's outdoor classroom.
The lagoon
The library
A two-storey light filled atrium with soaring ceiling, the library at The Grove will be an interactive place of discovery and knowledge exploration for our students.
The tree house
The Grove classroom
Because learning is a dynamic process, our learning spaces at The Grove are built to be flexible and customisable to each teaching teams' requirements.
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Fly by The Grove, created by THS High School student Ignacio Hui

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