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Mandatory school policy on transportation to and from THS Ap Lei Chau campuses




In September 2015, our Head of School Dr. Jadis Blurton announced the decision to put in place a mandatory busing policy at its new Ap Lei Chau campus, The Garden, at 138 Lee Chi Road. THS made this commitment because it is environmentally responsible and wants to alleviate mounting traffic-related concerns from Ap Lei Chau residents.


Beginning in September 2016, this policy will extend to include its new campus, The Grove, at 332 Ap Lei Chau Bridge Road. In addition to the reasons above, the new campus has a constricted entrance which needs to be kept clear permanently for emergency vehicles to have ready access.


This arrangement was also a condition of the Education Bureau and of the Southern District Council of our receiving the Ap Lei Chau Government site. Without agreeing to this restriction, THS would not have been awarded the school site. We will need everyone’s help to meet our obligation and fulfill our promise to the Bureau and the Council.


What does this mean?


This mandatory policy means NO PRIVATE VEHICLES OR TAXIS are allowed to bring students to and from both THS Ap Lei Chau campuses at all times. No exceptions will be made on rainy days.


All students attending at THS Ap Lei Chau campuses are required to take the school bus, public bus or MTR to and from school.


Exceptions to this policy will only be approved for medical reasons, on a case-by-case basis.


All THS parents are required to read and sign off on this agreement during enrolment/re-enrolment. To find out more about the policy and/or school bus service, please refer to FAQs below.


Can students walk to school?


Students who live in Ap Lei Chau are permitted to walk to and from home to the two campuses, The Garden and The Grove. Ap Lei Chau families must show proof of residency (copy of home purchase, lease or recent utility bill) should their child be walking to and from school on a daily basis.


Students in Grade 1 to 3 who live on Ap Lei Chau and walk to school must be accompanied to and from school by a responsible adult at all times. Students in Grade 4, with permission from parents/guardian, may walk unaccompanied by first completing the Permission to Leave Unaccompanied Waiver.


What are the consequences?


Violations of this policy shall be dealt with in the following matter:


1.  Upon the first violation of the Mandatory Transportation Policy, the parents of the student will be called and a warning will be issued through a letter.

2.   Upon the second violation of the Mandatory Transportation Policy, an administrator will contact the child's parents and the student will be suspended from school for one day.

3.   Upon the third violation, the parent will be contacted and the child will be suspended for one week.

4.  If a fourth violation occurs, the child's enrolment at THS will be withdrawn.


It is necessary for us to be clear about these rules and to also actively enforce them in order to be compliant with the conditions placed upon us. THS is an inclusive, community-based school and its success through the years is attributed to close partnership with parents and the local community. 


Thank you for your ongoing support of our growth initiatives, and our actions to underpin our advancement.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q:Are all students required to take the school bus?

A: All students attending in THS Ap Lei Chau campuses, The Garden and The Grove, will be required to take the school bus or public bus to and from school. The MTR will be an additional mode of transport once its up and running, hopefully by end 2016. Students cannot be driven to school by private car or taxi. Students who reside in Ap Lei Chau are permitted to walk to school.  

Q:Are students permitted to take the sampan or ferry to and from Ap Lei Chau?

Please note that the purpose of this policy is to reduce road traffic into Ap Lei Chau and as such, students who are taking ferries to commute to and from school need not ask for permission for that journey. They are, however, covered under the Walkers section of the transportation policy agreement.  

Q: Does this policy include the Kennedy Town campus?


A: No, it does not affect the Kennedy Town campus.

From the new academic year beginning September 2016, Grades 1 to 3, currently in the Kennedy Town campus, will relocate to The Grove, THS’s new campus in Ap Lei Chau awarded by the Education Bureau. Pre-K and K classes will remain in the Kennedy Town campus.


Q: What happens if my child is ill or injured and I need to pick them up during the school day?


A: In such circumstances when students exhibit the following medical issues such as nausea, vomiting, fever or physical injury, private vehicles or taxis will be granted permission from the Principal or Vice Principal to pick up that child but we request that the student be picked up at least 30 minutes before dismissal times and 30 minutes after school starts to avoid bus traffic. Under such special circumstances, parents/guardians driving in must ensure that they park in a legal space and walk the rest of the distance to pick up their sick child. As explained in the Overview section above, the entrance to the school must be kept clear at all times due to safety regulations. 


Q: How will this mandatory transportation policy be enforced?


A: THS will require parents to accept and sign the THS Mandatory Transportation Agreement. By signing off on the agreement, the school will hold all family members including employed staff (for example, helper or driver) accountable. If parents do not abide by THS mandatory transportation rules, their child’s enrollment will be jeopardised at THS.


Q: What if I need to go to school for a meeting between drop-off and pick-up times?


A: Parents who have a scheduled meeting during regular school hours may take any form of public transportation. For school events outside of the regular school hours, the school will provide a bus that originates from the Kennedy Town campus.


Q: Is THS the only international school requiring mandatory busing?


A: THS is not the only international school with a mandatory school bus policy. HKIS, Yew Chung International School, Anfield International School and German Swiss International School have similar policies in place.


Q: I have children in different THS campuses. Will this policy be applied to all?


A: Students attending THS campuses in Ap Lei Chau will need to observe this mandatory policy. Students at THS Kennedy Town campus are not affected by this policy.  


Q: Which company provides the school bus service?


A: Currently the school uses Top Do Service.


Q: What is the school bus fee?


A: Please contact for the current school bus routes and fees. As the school is growing, we have the ability to add more buses and routes depending on demand. This will be updated in May 2016.


Q: Who can I contact to know more about the Mandatory Transportation Policy?


A:You may contact for any questions and concerns. 


Q: Which grades will be in which campuses and what are their start times?


For the 2015-2016 academic year, THS are in two school campuses located in:

1. Main: 2/F, 23 Belcher's Street, Kennedy Town for Pre-K to G3. Hours: 8.15am to 3.14pm/12.15pm on Wednesdays

2. The Garden, 138 Lee Chi Road, Ap Lei Chau for G4 and up. Hours: 8.40am to 3.40pm/12.40pm on Wednesdays 


*Start times and grade locations may vary for 2016-2017 academic year


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