Upper Primary    

THS Upper Primary Curriculum (Grades 3, 4, 5, 6)



In the Upper Primary years we focus on building and increasing independence and provide opportunities for students to take on new responsibilities, both inside and outside the classroom. Students acquire the attitudes, skills and knowledge that contribute to lifelong effective learning, with an emphasis placed on collaboration, communication and the development of critical thinking skills. Students are encouraged to build on their knowledge of the world and their unique experiences throughout the curriculum, and develop a self awareness that facilitates individual goal setting, decision making and problem solving.

Curriculum Design


At this stage, our ‘Tools Not Toys’ 1:1 laptop digital literacy program is implemented, which equips students with an understanding of how to use technology responsibly and effectively. With a stronger understanding of the Learner Goals, students are particularly encouraged to develop an empathic attitude towards others and themselves, celebrating strengths and developing areas of challenge in a responsive and reflective way. Students continue to be extended socially and academically, through both an integrated classroom model and within supportive small groups as needed.




Numeracy, Literacy, Social Studies, Science, Learner Goals, Chinese Studies-Mandarin, Library, Music (Ukulele, Guitar, Keyboarding), Media and Music Literacy, Health and Physical Education

Special Offerings


The development of self confidence, teamwork and communication skills are further facilitated through classroom extension activities in the Upper Primary program. Third Graders complete a six week unit on Ancient China (Han and Qin dynasties) that culminates in an excursion to Xi’an, China. During this excursion students participate in related activities such as a simulated archaeological dig. Fourth Graders study the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece and Rome, and then learn about the Middle Ages, for which they plan, develop and perform in a school-wide Renaissance Faire. Fifth Graders begin in the 17th Century with the Age of Exploration and a re-enactment sailing experience and later on participate in a Global Issues Conference during which they present their research on a world issue and share their project, a personal action.

Role In The Community


At this stage, students are expected to develop and independently demonstrate the school Learner Goals: Perceptive, Inquisitive, Self-Determined, Integrated Within, Integrated Among, Innovative and Resilient, in all aspects of their school life. Upper Primary students begin to share their voice as elected class representatives in the Student Council and are mentored by Intermediate Schoolers in arranging school initiatives. Upper Primary students are encouraged to participate in optional Saturday workshop classes with our inventor-in-residence, Cesar Harada. Past projects have included prototyping an award-winning plastic sensor and an optical spectrometer in collaboration with tech students in Bangladesh for the Sunderbans oil spill.

Performing and Visual Arts


During this educational phase, students complete Pop Art Portraits, study Picasso and create mythical creatures. Art instruction themes include exploration of design skills, colour theory, patterns and shape. In Music, students begin their digital media track with composition (MuseScore, Garageband) alongside stringed instruments as they learn about Tempo, Dynamics, Timbre and Rhythm. Upper Primary students enjoy a wide range of courses to choose from during our annual Arts Interim Week including: Crafting, App-making, Animation and Dance.

Physical Education And Athletics


At this stage, students develop their flexibility, strength and cardiovascular endurance with offensive and defensive games that promote spatial awareness, coordination and dexterity. Teamwork is developed through training and practice during activities that include paddle skills and racquet games. In addition, rhythm, tempo, balance and basic tumbling skills are introduced through dance, choreography and gymnastics. Upper Primary students also have the opportunity to participate in the following athletic courses from our School Extension Activity (SEA) Course program: Wrestling, Indoor Climbing, Field Hockey and Yoga.

World Language

THS provides students with opportunities to experience French and Mandarin Chinese language and culture. Students are streamed into different levels during world language classes. 


THS world language program provides hands-on experiences to students and we focus on real-life application of the languages. Students learn the languages through communities, comparisons, communication, cultures and connection (5Cs). 

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