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The Harbour School (THS) is a through train American curriculum international school that is at the forefront of progressive education. It recognizes children as complex individuals with differing needs, goals, personalities, and backgrounds with a customized approach to learning.

The Harbour School Grove campus

Based in Hong Kong with two campuses on Hong Kong island, THS rejects the concept of “average” when applied to people. Founded in 2007, THS has gained a worldwide reputation as a center of educational excellence emphasizing skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, creativity, innovation and resilience while providing deeply meaningful learning experiences. While THS offers an American curriculum, it is adapted to ensure learning success for a very diverse international population. THS is committed to unlocking the best in every student, encouraging students to find and develop their areas of strength.

"Many years ago, when my son was choosing a high school I urged him to look at the brochures. He told me that was a ridiculous exercise, because the brochures all looked the same and every school looked terrific. And he was right. It’s hard to even begin to decide what is important in choosing a school, and even harder to discern from the outside how one school differs from another. There really is no one quantity or quality that defines a good school."
- Jadis Blurton, head of school
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About the Founders

Dr. Jadis Blurton


Dr. Blurton has worked in the fields of Education, Child Psychology and Educational Psychology for more than 40 years, practicing clinically as well as teaching at the university level and working with schools. In Hong Kong, she is the founder and Clinical Director of the Blurton Family Development Center and the 2009 recipient of the American Chamber of Commerce Ira Dan Kaye Award for Community Service in Hong Kong.

In 2013, Dr. Blurton was the opening speaker at Hong Kong’s first TEDx-Education Conference and is well known as a leader in the fields of education and psychology.  After first working as a teacher, she obtained a Ph.D. in Cognitive Developmental Psychology and Master’s Degrees in both Special Education (gifted)  and Psychology.  She is a Qualified Teacher in Hong Kong and a Certified Montessori Teacher (AMS).  She is also a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in two states in the United States and a Registered Psychologist in Hong Kong.

Dr. Blurton has served as consultant to numerous international schools and speaks both locally and internationally on topics related to gifted education, alternative or progressive education, child and family development, expatriate children (“Third Culture Kids”), and special educational needs.

In addition to a background in teaching, she and her husband (Craig) have raised six children of their own and several “drop in” children for shorter periods of time.  

It is from her experiences as a parent and Child Psychologist that the school, even in its infancy, adopted a progressive view toward education, embracing a vision of education deeply empathetic to the individual, supportive of well-being, and seeking alignment to the future of humanity, society, and work. 


Dr. Craig Blurton


Dr. Craig Blurton was the Executive Director of The GLOBE Program (, a program in which more than 10 million children have participated and which currently operates in 24,000 schools worldwide. He was also the founder and Director of the California Technology Project (CTP), a California state-wide staff development program helping K-12 classroom teachers learn to use IT in support of teaching, the founder and Director of the Elementary Summer Technology Training Institute (ESTTI), and the Associate Director of NASA’s Classroom of the Future. During this time, he won the California Computer-Using Educators’ Platinum Disk Award “For Leadership in Bringing Technology to California’s Classrooms” and its Golden Disk Award “For Outstanding Contributions to Educational Technology.”  

Dr. Blurton was a founding Board Member of the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), and has published more than 50 articles and four book chapters (including one for UNESCO entitled “New Directions in Education”). He has presented his work at more than 100 national and international conferences.

Dr. Blurton has served as an advisor to the U.S. National Science Foundation, U.S. National Research Council, NASA Headquarters Education Division, IBM Corporation, as well as serving as a consultant to educational organizations such as the University of Copenhagen. He also served for six years as Senior Advisor to the Vice Chancellor and Head of the IT & Teaching Group at the University of Hong Kong.

Dr. Craig Blurton’s experience shaped the real-world oriented, active, and experiential education style of the school, and THS continues to believe in immersive learning experiences as a vital tool for education.


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