The Harbour School

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The Grove

The Grove is our most recent campus and houses our primary school up to grade 6. Spanning nearly 6000m2 of world class facilities the campus reflects our child-centred experiential learning ethos at every turn. This is also where you’ll find several of our Centers of Excellence, including The Foundry, The Marine Sciences Center, and The Black Box Theater. 

Classrooms at The Grove are flexible modular spaces that bring 21st century learning to life. Students often move the walls of a classroom to create performance spaces or write new ideas directly on their erasable whiteboard tables. Learning at The Grove is fun, creative, and stimulating. The Grove also features our Library, Art Studio and Gallery, Digital Arts Center, and a multi-story Tree House.


The Garden

The Garden, completed in 2015, was the first of our Ap Lei Chau campuses. It is a modern learning space designed for the needs of our high school population. Every facet of the campus is designed to reinforce an increasing focus at this age on project-based, independent, and interdisciplinary learning. Students make use of modular spaces, breakout rooms, and modern digital learning tools to take charge of their educational path.

The High School uses an academic advisory model to provide students with the guidance they need, while still developing their independence and collaborative learning skills. The goal here is to foster preparedness not only for tertiary education, but for a meaningful place in society as a whole, through empathy, civic engagement, problem solving, and self-management.

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