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Covid-19 Updates

At The Harbour School, ensuring that our students, staff and visitors are empowered with a sense of positive growth in a safe and secure environment is a priority.  The Covid-19 global pandemic has challenged every aspect of the world we know.  As a school, we are dedicated to ensuring that staff and students remain well under our care while maintaining the least negative impact to learning.

The health and wellbeing of the school community is extremely important at The Harbour School and as the School Health Coordinator, the following guidelines have been created to assist us in safeguarding the community as much as possible from Covid-19.

These guidelines have been created with the intention of ensuring clear policies are available for our families and staff, and are based on the CHP and EDB guidelines, while also considering the specific needs of our community.

Health and Safety Measures

We expect that all members of our school community (students, staff, parents, and visitors) will understand that we must uphold a “zero tolerance” policy for those who do not abide by the expectations outlined and subsequent communications, thereby assuming shared responsibility for community safety. Baseline requirements for attending campus include:

  • Wearing masks, on school premises, at school events, and for the duration of the time spent on campus. Students who fail to comply with this may not remain in school.
  • Checking your temperature prior to leaving home is the responsibility of all students and staff each day. Please complete the temperature check every day you or your child comes to campus. If exhibiting a temperature of 37.5 degrees celsius or higher, students are required to remain at home. If students are exhibiting a temperature of 37.5 degrees celsius or higher upon arrival to campus, they will be sent home.
  • Ensuring good health requires monitoring and special attention. All individuals must be absolutely asymptomatic (especially with regard to a raised temperature) in order to be at school. The school reserves the right to send a child home if they exhibit any Covid-19 symptoms that are not identified on a Medical Alert/Allergy Form that has been previously filled out by you. 
  • Physical distancing measures are expected to be maintained by all. All classrooms have been configured to allow for the EDB specified physical distance of 1.0 meter between seated and standing students.
  • Lunch will not be permitted on-site during this time period. Students should come in with a quickly and easily ingested snack/beverage.

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