Tuition & Fees

Tuition Fees for the 2023-2024 Academic Year

All amounts are in Hong Kong dollars
Grade Level Annual Tuition Fee*
Junior Grade 1 $178,400
Grade 1-6 $213,200
Grade 7-8 $220,800
Grade 9-12 $228,500

*All Tuition Fees subject to Hong Kong Education Bureau Approval 

Other Fees HK$
Application Fee 


Entry Fee (one-time fee upon admission)

Fee for a family’s first child admitted to THS
Fee for each additional child admitted to THS


$16,000 $6,000

Annual Capital Levy

All students not exempted by a debenture; non-refundable



Family Debenture

Each family is required to purchase at least one family debenture upon admission to
The Harbour School. A debenture exempts one student from paying the annual capital
levy. See “The Harbour School Debenture Program’s Terms and Conditions” below for details.


This is my daughter's fifth year at THS and being part of this wonderful community is definitely a major highlight for the six years she has lived in Hong Kong. She has been so fortunate to have met many amazing and loving teachers as well as friends that she will always have fond memories of. The fact she has asked if she could attend the same school in Sydney is testament to how much she loves THS.

Angela, THS Parent

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