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Thought Leadership

Project Development During a Global Pandemic
  • 2020
  • Community
  • High School
  • Teachers
Matt Schiavon, HS Global Project Development Teacher

Students often struggle to understand the relevance between the content they are learning at school and how it relates to the real world. At THS, project based learning is a powerful teaching methodology used to reiterate classroom concepts by applying them to real world problems.

There’s a Light at the End of the Tunnel
  • Leadership
Dr Jadis Blurton, Head of School

Welcome to 2021! The vaccine is on its way, we are into the swing of virtual classrooms, and we know that in a few months we’ll be able to travel again and have more security in our jobs and schools. So why are we not all dancing in the streets and giving (still virtual) high fives?

A Year of Giving
  • 2020
  • Community
  • Teachers
Rafi Cristobal, Co-Teacher and Co-Teacher Coordinator

Having the fortune to improve the lives of others is a privilege. Led by the Project Hope team, and in a climate of great uncertainty and economic hardship, many THS families gave generously to help people in need.

The Logs from The Black Dolphin
  • Black Dolphin
  • Marine Science
Captain Michael (T.R.) Tepper-Rasmussen

The Black Dolphin as of this writing is currently anchored off Round Island, the fifth grade class is ashore for the day examining the relationship between world explorers and the natives that they encountered.

Winning by Design
  • 2020
  • Awards
THS Development Team

The Grove campus, designed by renowned global design firm P&T Architects and Engineers, won worldwide recognition for its groundbreaking and innovative design in a school. So far this year, the architectural firm has won two prestigious architectural awards for its design of The Grove.

Is THS "Play-Based"?
  • Leadership
Dr. Jadis Blurton, Head of School

Charles Darwin devised his theory of evolution by going out into the field to study animals, insects, and marine life. In fact, he struggled to reconcile some of the knowledge he learned at university with his observations of the evidence in the natural world. THS’s unique approach to learning, often misunderstood as play-based, is in fact like Darwin’s learning, based on experiencing. 

Pique Your Passion
  • Primary
Emma Mason, Grade 2 Teacher

A dancer. An artist. A psychologist. A TV presenter. A mechanic. An insect keeper. A teacher. These are the things that we - teachers on the Water Floor - wanted to be when we were younger (and no, we weren’t fibbing about that last one)!

Using the Real World to Teach Math
  • High School
David Pudder, High School STEAM Teacher

High school mathematics used to be all rote memorization and pencil-to-paper equations disconnected from the real world. When it comes to calculus, one may wonder, “When am I ever going to use this in real life?”