Thought Leadership

2024 Graduation
  • 2024
  • High School
Dr. Jadis Blurton, Head Of School

On June 7th, this year's seniors celebrated their remarkable journey at THS. Despite facing numerous disruptions and unpredictability throughout their high school years, they demonstrated exceptional resilience and adaptability. Dr. Jadis Blurton’s commencement speech highlights their growth, the core values of The Harbour School, and the exciting paths ahead.

2024 Global Issues Conference
  • 2024
  • Community
  • Primary
Sheryll Asuncion & Christie Ng, Grade 5 Teachers

Every year, Grade 5 students embark on an immersive journey that broadens their perspectives and hones their skills through the GIC. From exploring the UN's Sustainable Development Goals to developing actionable solutions, this capstone project challenges them to tackle pressing global issues.

Finding Your Fit:  The THS Approach to Navigating the University Search Process
  • 2024
  • High School
Patrick DeFazio, High School College and Career Counsellor

By understanding their interests and values, students can better identify universities where they will thrive academically and personally. THS' holistic approach ensures that each student is empowered to make informed decisions, setting them up for a successful and fulfilling college experience.

History 2 Life
  • 2023
  • High School
Dion Newsome, High School Humanities Teacher

From emphasizing personal stories to encouraging critical thinking, history classes can draw valuable lessons from the imaginative realms of historical fiction and dramas.

Embrace a pause and explore the boredom in Art
  • 2023
Vicky Ng, Art Teacher

In our hyperactive world, where attention spans are dwindling and distractions are abundant, embracing moments of boredom can lead to enhanced productivity, deeper self-reflection and a renewed sense of creativity.