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Thought Leadership

What Good is Gratitude?
  • 2021
  • Leadership
Dan Blurton, THS Managing Director

Giving thanks and expressing gratitude is one of the oldest concepts in human society. When practiced consistently, this quality generates an upward spiral of positive emotions and improved relationships. This in turn leads to greater overall well-being by focusing on the things in life that we value, that is in our control, and contributes to the betterment of our community.

Blurring the Boundaries
  • 2021
  • High School
High School STEAM Team

An important differentiator of THS High School is its emphasis on students developing 21st century skills which will better prepare them for college and beyond through a curriculum that focuses on rigor, relevance and relationships. 

The high school’s annual STEAM week serves as a great showcase of this innovative “learning by doing and communicating” approach which crosses the five disciplines and fosters an inclusive learning environment.

Organic Learning Opportunities
  • 2021
  • Teachers
Natalie Mierczak, THS Primary and Middle School Vice Principal

What can you learn from a garden? Planning, planting and tending to a growing garden requires a wide variety of skills from all domains of development and learning that engages the whole person.

A Multicultural World: Stories from Asia
  • 2021
  • Community
Julia Besnard, THS Librarian

Asia is the world’s largest and most diverse continent. A geographical area spanning almost a third of the world’s total land area and home to most of the world’s human population. Yet, the region’s very diverse cultures, ethnicities and histories - from Nepal to Yemen, Mongolia to Armenia - are wholly underrepresented in children’s literature. 

A Better, Healthier Way Forward
Kyle King, THS High School Co-Principal

Against the backdrop of the pandemic, universities and colleges are changing the way they have always operated by looking more closely at a student’s high school experience, instead of test scores.

Project Hope: A Whole School Approach
  • 2021
  • Community
Rafi Cristobal, Director of Social Impact & Sustainability

How do we foster our students’ sense of altruism, and care for the wider community, for our planet? What started as Project Hope in early 2019 by three THS teachers to improve the lives of others has grown into the Social Impact and Sustainability Program (SISP), a three-stage plan to grow awareness and opportunities for more students and teachers to volunteer and act for the future they want. 

We are Family
  • 2021
  • Community
Maitreyi Mehta, School Counsellor

When school feels like home, wonderful things happen.

Family Reunion in the Time of Corona
  • 2021
  • Community
  • Primary
Jessie Zhang & Anne Sung, Mandarin teachers

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival was quietly celebrated in Hong Kong on September 21 without the usual traditional celebratory fire dragon dances due to Covid-19 restrictions. For thousands of years, it has been an important occasion for Chinese families and communities to come together and feast.