A Year of Giving

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Rafi Cristobal, Co-Teacher and Co-Teacher Coordinator

In many ways, 2020 was a surreal experience collectively experienced by many. It was as if life had been put on pause...a life previously on full throttle now forced to move at a perpetual low gear into an uncertain future. 

But amidst the challenges, there have been many moments of hope, humanity and joy in our community in THS. Looking back on 2020, I found the year was in fact wonderfully fruitful and not at all spent in vain. Perhaps 2020 is actually not too much about looking for silver linings but importantly how we must consciously create them instead. By removing our fixation to our own personal needs and looking beyond our own comfort, by reaching out to others to see what we can give and how we can share. By acting on these powerful feelings of responsibility through giving to causes we believe in, we are able to live in a way that reflects our ethical beliefs.

Undeniably, this was what was on the top of our minds and hearts when THS students, parents and faculty members, worked together to develop projects and initiatives of giving for 2020. Spear headed by Project Hope, in collaboration with the PTA and local partners, with support from school administration, our projects came into fruition and have been massively supported by you. We hope like us, you remember 2020 as a year of giving and remember the positive impact you helped to contribute.  

We are really appreciative of the generosity and support from THS families which has made 2020 wonderful, memorable and splendid. Please scroll through the picture gallery which recaps the many initiatives achieved last year.

January: “Operation Taal” - Distribution of rice, water, toiletries and face masks from THS Community’s monetary donations to the evacuees of the impending eruption of Taal Volcano in partnership with the Claret Missionary and Philippine Red Cross

March: “Philippine Community Lock Down Charity Drive” - Donation of relief packs to 100 marginalised families in lock down in Bulacan, Philippines

May: “Inspirational Tribute Video for Front Liners” - THS Students and Faculty Members sharing motivational messages to Medical practitioners battling COVID-19 head on

September: “Facial Mask Distribution and Education Drive for Domestic Helpers in Partnership with the Consulate General of the Philippines Office”

October: “Mid-Autumn Festival Moon Cake and Facial Mask Distribution to the Elderly Community in Ap Lei Chau”

October: “Booktober Reading Challenge” sponsored by Project Hope sharing messages on pet awareness

November: “High School Moral Philosophy Class and Project Hope Meme Shirt Project for the benefit of Ap Lei Chau Centre for Special Needs Children” - proceeds of the initiative funded more picture books to be displayed in the community library

December: “THS Aunties’ Special Holiday Retreat” overnight hotel staycation for our dear Aunties and monetary donation drive for the benefit of the domestic helpers in Hong Kong (via Bayanihan Centre)

December: “From Hong Kong with Love”, Holiday DIY Card-giving Drive for the sick and the elderly in the Philippines, United States and United Kingdom


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