Annual Capstone Events

  • 2022
Grade 2 & 5 Teachers


The Grade 2 International Fair: A Celebration of Culture and Diversity

By Sushma Kumari and Vita Starikova, Grade 2 Teachers

As teachers who recently organized an International Fair with our students, we can tell you that it was an unforgettable experience for everyone involved! The fair was a celebration of culture and diversity, and the students worked hard to showcase the unique characteristics of several countries including Italy, Tanzania, New Zealand, Mexico, Peru, India, and Pakistan.

From the planning and preparation to the actual event, we all had an absolute blast putting it together. For weeks, our students were busy researching and learning about different countries and cultures. We had a lot of fun exploring the unique customs, traditions, and even silly little tidbits that make each culture unique. It was amazing to see how much they grew in their knowledge and appreciation for diversity during this process! 

But the real fun began when we started turning all that learning into fun and creative exhibits for our International Fair. We had everything from beautiful arts and crafts displays, famous landmarks that our students built in the Foundry and even interactive games and activities that let visitors experience a little bit of the different cultures firsthand. 

One of our favourite moments was when our students performed on stage. They had practised for weeks, learning their lines, their dance steps and even perfecting the colourful costumes they wore. When they finally took the stage, they lit up the entire room with their infectious energy and enthusiasm. It was a truly moving moment to see them share their passion for culture in this way.

At the end of the fair, not only did we all have a lot of fun, but we also learned a lot about different countries and cultures. It was a wonderful reminder that despite our differences, we are all part of one big, diverse, and beautiful world. As Maya Angelou once said, “In diversity, there is beauty and strength,” and that sentiment was certainly on display at our fair. 

The fair was a testament to the school’s commitment to promoting cultural understanding and appreciation. It is events like these that help to build bridges between different cultures and foster a sense of global citizenship. We hope that we will have more opportunities like this in the future to celebrate what makes each of us unique and special!


The Global Issues Conference

By Sheryll Asuncion & Christie Ng, Grade 5 Teachers

As our world becomes more interconnected, it is essential for the next generation to understand the global issues that impact our planet. This is why the Grade 5 capstone project, Global Issues Conference (GIC), is an exciting and engaging opportunity for our students to learn about the challenges faced by our world every year.

Working on a Capstone Project that focuses on a global issue is a unique and challenging experience. It requires students to think critically about complex problems, analyse data from a variety of sources, and develop innovative solutions that can make a difference in the world. By participating in this conference, our future leaders had the chance to explore different global issues such as climate change, poverty, animal and human rights, and education. 

For this year’s GIC, we began the process by reviewing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which our students are familiar with thanks to the efforts of our Social Impact and Sustainability Program (SISP) in the past two years. Once our students had chosen their topic, which was aligned with a particular SDG, they began their research by gathering data from a variety of sources, such as academic journals, news articles, and government reports.

Throughout the research process, our students began to develop a deeper understanding of the issue they were studying. They learnt about the causes and consequences of the issue, as well as the different perspectives and opinions of experts in the field provided by our SISP team. This research provided students with the knowledge they needed to develop innovative solutions that can make a real impact.

One of the most important aspects of working on a capstone project focused on a global issue is to contribute to solving the problem by taking action. To show that they are committed to being part of the solution, our students developed and implemented a call to action tailored to the specific needs of the affected communities. This required them to think creatively and to collaborate with others to develop effective solutions.

Throughout the whole process, our students received guidance and support from their parents, teachers, and mentors. They were encouraged to seek feedback and to adjust their approach as needed. This feedback helped them refine their research question, analyse data more effectively, and develop more innovative calls to action. 

The project also helped to develop their communication skills by giving a formal presentation on the global issue they researched in front of a large audience. It paid off as our audience was able to learn so much not only from our young, brave speakers, but also from guest speakers who also shared their expertise and own call to action in their respective fields.

In conclusion, working on a capstone project focused on a global issue is an exciting and rewarding experience for students who have been and will be part of this endeavor. It provides them with an opportunity to develop critical thinking skills, analyse complex problems, and develop innovative solutions that can make a real impact in the world. By focusing on global issues today, our leaders of tomorrow can gain a deeper understanding of the challenges facing our world and work towards a better future for all.


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