Grade 8 Foundry Intensive Week Project

  • 2022
  • Middle School
Dean Lea, Foundry Specialist Teacher


Grade 8, split into two classes with five groups, were tasked with an 'Intensive week' project to design and build an eight-foot square model of a 'DIGNIFIED & EMPATHETIC' refugee shelter.

Teachers spoke to the grade about the historical and current horrors that refugees face. The topic's sensitivity allowed us to talk about how we each respond to frequent global tragic information differently and how the school provides support staff for those who may struggle when faced with such seemingly helpless situations.

Repeating expectations for dignified and empathetic design, students collaborated through opinions and engineering processes to reach a consensus and develop constructional plans.

The refugee shelter was to hold fifty thousand people and span one square kilometer.

Within the five-day, twenty-two-hour project, tensions flared, opposing voices spoke, constructional problems were solved, empathetic conversations occurred, and time pressures were realized as collaboration and resilience positively worked towards a common goal.

The Foundry teachers are impressed with the outcome of the students' combined project and take their hats off to them.

Well done, Grade Eight, you did it again!

See more photographs HERE.

The Foundry team encourages all students to recognise and apply Design Thinking and Engineering Design processes to their project development, and subsequent constructional iterations. 

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