Journey Through Ancient China: Exploring Xi’an’s Rich History and Cultural Treasures

  • 2023
  • Primary
Sonia Hemnani & Jelai Sanchez, Grade 3 Teachers


In Grade 3, we embarked on an exciting adventure through the captivating history of Ancient China. In our immersive journey to Xi'an, we were enveloped in a tapestry of experiences that brought Ancient China to life. Our visit to the Terracotta Warriors Museum allowed us to witness the silent guardians of history, and we even had the opportunity to craft warriors under the guidance of an expert. Delving into the art of calligraphy and paper cutting, we explored the intricate beauty of Chinese culture firsthand.

Strolling along the ancient city walls, we marveled at the architectural marvels and uncovered the secrets hidden within the watchtowers and structures, each whispering tales of a bygone era. Engaging in Tai Chi with a seasoned practitioner, we connected with the ancient practice that harmonizes mind and body.

Our exploration extended to the monumental Bell Tower and the serene Wild Goose Pagoda, where we delved into the essence of Buddhism and its influence on Chinese society. Immersing ourselves in traditional attire, tapestries, and culinary delights, we absorbed the vibrant culture that has endured through centuries.

Venturing deeper into history, we learned about the Han dynasty through a visit to the Hanyang Underground Palace and gained insights into the Banpo people at the Banpo Museum. Exploring the Great Mosque, we appreciated its cultural significance and participated in archaeological dig simulations, unraveling the mysteries of the past like seasoned archaeologists.

Throughout our journey, we meticulously crafted a narrative titled 'The Tale of The Lost Terracotta Warriors,' weaving a captivating story of a warrior awakening through dynastic eras, contemplating themes of identity, culture, and history. As we traversed these rich experiences, we learned about Ancient China and forged a profound connection with its enduring legacy that continues to shape our world today.

It was a curricular excursion that left a lasting impression on our memories. Our students were fully immersed in the rich history and culture of Ancient China, and their experiences were truly transformative. Here are some quotes from our kids, reflecting their thoughts and emotions:

Hunter: "Digging for pottery was incredibly fun! I felt like a real archaeologist uncovering ancient treasures. The Terracotta Warriors were absolutely incredible, and I loved learning about the Qin Dynasty. Moreover, the delicious smells and tastes of Xi'an, like the hamburger Rou Jia Mo and the mutton soup, were a delightful culinary adventure."

Kayden adds, "I particularly enjoyed the mutton skewers. It was my first time trying them, and they were incredibly yummy. The combination of spices with rice was simply delicious!"

Nicholas and Kevin: "Xi'an was an amazing city to explore! The Terracotta Warriors left us in awe, and walking on the City Wall with its timeless grandeur and historical significance was such a cool experience. We learned so much about Chinese history and enjoyed every single moment of our trip."

Dahlia and Brooklyn: "The Terracotta Warriors were absolutely breathtaking. We had an incredible time digging for artifacts and crafting our own warriors. The Banpo Museum was truly fascinating, as it provided a glimpse into the daily lives of ancient people. It felt like the ancient culture was coming to life right before our eyes."

Phoebe and Eliza: "Xi'an was a dream come true for us! The Terracotta Warriors exceeded our expectations and left us speechless. We thoroughly enjoyed getting our hands dirty during the archaeological digging and creating our own clay warriors. The trip deepened our understanding of Chinese history, and the underground glass Tomb of Emperor Jingdi (Hanyangling) was particularly fascinating to us."

Ryan: "The Big Wild Goose Pagoda was a mesmerizing sight, and it taught me so much about the ancient Chinese religious culture. Practicing Tai Chi was a unique experience, and I continue to practice it at home. The Terracotta Warriors were truly awe-inspiring, and they gave me a deeper appreciation for the Qin dynasty. I also loved learning about ancient techniques, such as fire making."

Oliver and Tyler: “We learned a lot on our Xi’an trip! Our tour guide, Ms. Emma helped us understand how people lived before. She also talked about Qin Shi Huangdi’s tomb and its importance. Our favorite activities were the archaeological digging and making the terracotta army clay figures!”

Malcolm and Jayden: “We really liked the Tang dynasty show because it’s very interesting and it is super cool. We also dug at the archaeologist site and found a lot of “artifacts.” Almost every night, we went to the Muslim street to eat good food and buy some souvenirs. We had a lot of fun!”

Winston: “I really liked the snacks! The food in Xi’an was good! I also liked exploring with my friends and eating with them.” 

Gamiel: “The archaeology dig was a highlight as I found the first piece! Also, exploring the Xian City Wall with its stores was great. Interactions with local experts like Ms. Emma, who taught us about the terracotta warriors, helped me know and understand more about ancient Chinese culture and history.” 

This unforgettable journey enriched our understanding of Ancient China and its enduring legacy.

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