Term 2 Foundry Ocean Layers Project

  • 2022
Dean Lea, Foundry Specialist Teacher


The Junior Grade One team came to Foundry as experienced makers. Their previous Foundry activity was building an acrylic ‘All About Me’ display - a huge success in November 2022.

January’s visit saw The Harbour School’s youngest cement their knowledge of the ocean’s layers and what each layer of the sea contains.

Through sawing, drilling, sanding, fixing and decorating the students developed additional design and engineering knowledge and skill.

The Foundry staff are astonished at the enthusiasm, bravery, creativity and agreement the Junior Grade One students bring into the Foundry.

It is great to see the JG1 team develop their skills.

We encourage you all to speak to the students about their project and what the display is presenting.

We look forward to seeing them all again in April 2023 for some more growth.

Brilliant job all!

See more photographs HERE.

The Foundry team encourages all students to recognise and apply Design Thinking and Engineering Design processes to their project development, and subsequent constructional iterations. 


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