Marine Science Center

The school's marine science center is a teaching and research facility and the first of its kind in school in Hong Kong.

The centre offers an innovative learning experience for our students and visiting experts to study marine animals and eco-systems in Hong Kong. We hope that what we do will drive awareness and advocacy for threatened species and systems here. 

The center consists of a marine laboratory, a teaching pool and the Black Dolphin which together, delivers an integrated marine science curriculum to our students taught by resident marine biologists.

Touch Tank

THS students learn to get their hands wet! Created to mimic a mangrove environment, the hands on touch pool is home to bamboo sharks, horseshoe crabs and a variety of invertebrates such as sea snails, sea stars and many other oganisms that inhabit our local waters in the mangrove.

Taking time for a good STEAM

This year, the STEM team and all three Centers of Excellence (The Foundry, the Marine Science Center and the Black Dolphin) were fully engaged as students took time to immerse themselves in STEAM for a week.

Let’s get Sciencey

Increasingly we must grapple with highly-charged and politicized science-based issues ranging from infectious diseases to vaccines to reproductive choices, and climate change. The necessity of having a much better understanding of science has to begin at school. 

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