Covid-19 Protocols

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F.I.S.H operates at The Harbour School, which is required to follow the guidelines from the Hong Kong Education Bureau (EDB). Please read through the below requirements for enrollment to any of our F.I.S.H courses this summer. 

Vaccination Requirements

Students are required to be double vaccinated according to the vaccination pass scheme to enroll in our S.E.A. courses.  You can find more information in regards to the vaccination pass here (P.8 & 9)

The definition of being fully vaccinated with 2 doses:

  • Received 2 doses + 14 days have passed since day of 2nd dose = classed as fully vaccinated with 2 doses
  • Received 1st dose at least 14 days before Covid infection + full recovery from Covid = classed as fully vaccinated with 2 doses*
  • Received 1st dose 30 days after full recovery from Covid = classed as fully vaccinated with 2 doses*

*Scholars who are recovered from the covid will need to provide the recovery code from the government

Questions on our vaccination requirements can be directed to

Please upload scholar’s vaccination record and/or recovery QR code here*

*THS students who have already updated their vaccination records with the school will not need to resubmit


Prior to Arrival on Campus

Scholars should perform a daily Rapid Antigen Test and temperature check at home before they arrive on campus. You can find more information in regards to the EDB guidelines here (first paragraph on P.4)

Upon Arrival on Campus

All scholars will have their temperatures checked and hand sanitized upon arrival. Parents/Guardians, please make sure you wear a mask and drop scholars off at the main entrance.

Since our F.I.S.H courses operate at The Harbour School campuses which falls under the "vaccination pass" arrangements, scholars aged 12 years old or above are required to scan the "Leave Home Safe App" upon arrival. More information about the EDB guideline please find it here (Last paragraph on P.5)

Accompanying Adults

Only one adult is allowed to enter the campus during registration on Day 1 to drop off their scholars in the morning. Parents are asked to leave right after the drop-off so scholars can fully immerse themselves in the course. All adults must follow the following covid protocol:

  • Accompanying adults should be fully vaccinated according to the vaccination pass scheme. More information about the vaccination pass scheme can be found here (P.8 & P.9)
  • Accompanying adults are required to scan the "Leave Home Safe App" and undergo temperature screening upon arrival.

Adults can wait at the main entrance of the campus during dismissal time for pick up. Entering the campus is not allowed during dismissal time unless there is an emergency.


School Environment

  • Physical distancing measures are expected of all.
  • Facilities will be clean and disinfected every 2 hours.
  • All children, staff, and volunteers should engage in hand hygiene multiple times throughout the day.
  • No food sharing will be allowed.



Students who are absent for any reason should complete the Absence or Alternative Arrival/ Dismissal Notification for the F.I.S.H program by 7:45 AM.

Arrangement for Scholars who test positive 

  • Scholars who test positive may not come to a F.I.S.H course on the day they tested positive and the following 7 days after

  • They must complete the Absence or Alternative Arrival/ Dismissal Notification for the F.I.S.H program by 7:45 AM (now including positive RAT & close contact designations):

  • Should scholars want to continue the next week's course, they should obtain a negative covid test result (RAT/PCR test) on two consecutive days and email the results to  

Please note that the school reserves the right to conduct a RAT test on students and staff who present with any COVID-19 related symptoms on campus e. g. fever, (non-allergy) cough, cold, lethargy, with the individual isolated and sent home at the school’s discretion and/or with families first notified for any positive result. 

Refund policy related to Covid illness

  • Individual scholars who are absent due to covid-related illness will not be provided a refund for missed courses
  • Should the school close under EBD’s policy, options will be given to either:
    • Make use of distance learning (when available)
    • For the courses that have started
      • Refunds will be made on a prorated basis as determined by THS management
    • For the courses that have not started
      • Credit will be given for future use.

School closure due to Covid cases:

There is a situation where more than 5% positive of teachers, school staff, and scholars in a school or 10% or more of scholars in a particular camp report a positive result of COVID-19 on the same school day, CHP will look into the cases and consider appropriate follow-up measures, including the need to suspend classes, conduct thorough disinfection and improve ventilation, having regard to the situation.

Contact Information

F.I.S.H Coordinator

Mandy Ng


Phone/WhatsApp: + 852 5744 9624

“My 8-year-old son loved the week-long camp which really struck the perfect balance of doing something active outdoors, making new friends and learning complex concepts through experiential learning. He enjoyed both getting out into the field to study the geography as well as the two days in the Foundry making and building models by applying what they learned. He is now an avid rock collector, and talks about Mr Wouter all the time. I am sure he would love to join the next camp!"- CAROLYN,
Parent of participant 

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