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F.I.S.H. Course Fee Withdrawal Refund and Transfer Policies (as of October 30 , 2023)

  1. After enrolling in a F.I.S.H. course, requests for refunds due to special reasons must be specified and emailed to Refunds will be made subject to THS management.
  2. Course withdrawal refunds will be handled with reference to table below.

Withdrawal before the first day of registered course 

Percentage (%) of Course Fee Refund

Applicable Administration Fee

Withdraw on or before 21 days 


5% of course fee

Withdraw between 15 – 20 days


5% of course fee

Withdraw within 14 days


  1. Withdrawal requests for course transfer must be received not later than 14 days prior to the commencement of the camp, and can only be entertained if space permits and the applicant meets course requirements. 
  2. Proper doctor letters, subjected to THS approval, will be needed for any course refunds request due to an illness. Those documents must be received within 7 days of the absent day. The refunds will only be eligible for coupons with a pro rata scale applied based on total days of participation (not eligible for cash refund). 
  3. Course(s) is/are non-transferable.

Contact Information

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Mr. Simon Pang


Phone/WhatsApp: + 852 5744 9624

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