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  1. S.E.A. course payments should occur at the time of registration (by submitting proof of payment on the registration form where indicated).

  2. Students are not registered and will not be admitted to a S.E.A. Course until payment is received.

  3. Applicants will be taken on a first-come-first-served basis and places will only be confirmed upon receipt of payment.

  4. Payment can be made via bank transfer (please submit a copy of the transfer receipt).

  5. For all S.E.A. courses, confirmation of acceptance will be sent via email 5 days before the S.E.A. course starts, after receipt of the registration form and payment.

  6. If the S.E.A. course you signed up for is full, payment will be refunded and your child will be placed on the waitlist. You can contact our S.E.A. course coordinators at seacourses@ths.edu.hk to inquire about availability.Funds will be returned to families for any S.E.A. course that is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment. Parents will be notified at least 5 days prior to the start of any cancelled course. THS families can opt to have their funds credited to the students’ account for future use.

  7. Invoices are not issued for S.E.A. courses. If you require an invoice, please contact our Finance Department at finance@ths.edu.hk to request one.

  8. Requests to change a S.E.A. Course should be made in writing and sent to seacourses@ths.edu.hk. Notice should be given prior to confirmation emails being sent. If notice is given after the confirmation is sent, an HK$300 administration fee will be charged.


  1. If THS is required to make any changes to a S.E.A. course, a suitable replacement option will be provided. We will inform you via email or phone of any changes as soon as possible.

  2. Requests to withdraw your child should be made in writing. Please refer to the withdrawal and refund policies for more information.

  3. Refunds will not be issued for withdrawal of a S.E.A. course that has already started. We encourage families to fully consider enrollment into each S.E.A. course.

  4. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, out of the control of THS that pose unmanageable risks to your child's health and/or safety, THS reserves the right to provide online courses and/or other alternative programs. If this arises, THS will update you regularly via email. Your child's S.E.A. course will continue for the full length, as advertised, but in this new format. No refunds shall be provided.

    • If there is no capacity for an online course, credit will be given to parents for future use.

  5. S.E.A. courses are regarded as extracurricular activities and fall outside of the majority of the Education Bureau (EDB) restrictions. THS shall comply with the specific requirements mandated by EDB to include school closing(s). However, if EDB does not specify the mandated closing of extracurricular activities S.E.A.courses shall be unaffected.


  1. If a Typhoon Warning Signal No. 1, No. 3 or the Amber Rainstorm Warning is issued, S.E.A. courses will be held as scheduled. 

  2. If the Red or Black Rainstorm Warning, or the Typhoon Warning Signal No. 8 or above is issued or in effect at 1:30 PM or onwards, on-site S.E.A. courses will be cancelled, but virtual S.E.A. courses will be held as scheduled.

  3. If a Red or Black Rainstorm Warning, or Typhoon Warning Signal No. 8 or above is issued when S.E.A. courses are in session:

    • S.E.A. courses held at The Grove campus will continue and campuses will remain open with staff to supervise students on premises so they may remain until parents can arrange pick up safely.

    • Virtual S.E.A. courses will continue as normal.

    • S.E.A. courses held outside or those on a field trip will return to The Grove campus immediately (or at a safe pick up point) and parents will be asked to pick up students as soon as possible. The Grove will remain open with staff to supervise students. 

  4. If a S.E.A. course is cancelled or suspended due to the severe weather, no refunds or credit notes will be provided. THS will provide a maximum of one make-up class per entire course.

  5. These weather policies are subject to change depending on the S.E.A. course (e.g. sailing courses will be cancelled should Typhoon No. 3 be hoisted). 

THS' Severe Weather Policy is outlined in the Parent Handbook (p.37)

Photography and Multimedia

By completing the S.E.A. course form, you (as the caregiver) are providing your consent for THS to take photographs, videos and sound recordings of your child during S.E.A. courses. Such material may be used for parental reference, marketing and/or promotional material in the forms of print, media and online platforms. If you do not consent, please email seacourses@ths.edu.hk before completing the registration form.


NO PRIVATE VEHICLES OR TAXIS are allowed to bring students to and from The Grove campus. Should you require special considerations, please email seacourses@ths.edu.hk for more information.


Contact Information

Events and Extracurricular Program Manager

Mr. Simon Pang

Email: seacourse@ths.edu.hk

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