High School

A Message from our High School Principal

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to   the High School at The Harbour   School.  Students in the High School come   from a wide range of backgrounds and   nationalities, drawn by the high quality of   education and opportunity the school   affords. 

The school seeks to develop students’ natural love of learning, preparing them with the skills they need to achieve in the 21st century.  Students are encouraged to be inquiring and creative, identifying problems that fascinate them and seeking solutions to those problems.  The curriculum is designed to enable students to thrive academically but offers an emotionally safe and secure environment in which they grow into active, positive adult citizens.

Students study for an American-style High School Diploma which is administered and designed in school but is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and is accepted and respected for entry into the world’s best universities.  Most courses are cross-curricular, enabling students to investigate a range of different aspects of a topic area and which in turn underlines the fact that in the 21st century the division of knowledge and skills into neat little parcels is increasingly irrelevant.  The diploma encourages the development of core skills in areas such as English, Math and Science but also gives considerable scope for students to specialise in areas they may wish to pursue at university. 

The student body is supported and guided by a highly trained, skilled and enthusiastic faculty that is recruited from around the world and which in turn brings a range of perspectives to support student development.  The philosophy and commitment to staff/student ratios of the younger years is maintained and students thrive.

Please do contact me directly if you wish to discuss anything further about the High School at The Harbour School.

Peter Hawksworth
High School Principal

We could not have asked for more in a High School for our son and we could not have been given more by THS. Thank you for the difference you have made in his life, giving him room to express himself and never giving up on him.
Michael, Parent

Our high school curriculum is uniquely student-centered, offering individuals the opportunity to curate their academic program to meet their future college and career goals within a respectful and individualized community setting.

THS believes in a personalized approach to learning, where students develop skills by exploring questions that are meaningful to them as learners and citizens.This approach allows students to be invested in the projects on which they work, individually and in groups.

The school is an intentionally inclusive environment, with a demographic that encompasses a range of learners.

In addition to typically-formulated high school classes, noteworthy features of the THS academic model include: co-taught transdisciplinary courses, Project Development, Independent Study Modules (ISMs), and a robust internship program. THS courses are structured to be thematic, integrated across content areas, and focused on the real-world application of academic content. This variety of offerings invites students to become self-directed critical thinkers who are engaged in their education. The Harbour School is committed to maintaining small student to teacher ratios, a supportive community feel, and a programmatic framework that empowers students to engage authentically with their communities and commit to independent lifelong learning.

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