High School Curriculum

The Harbour School High School is a vibrant and exciting place, where students may choose from a smorgasbord of classes to reach the required targets in a way that best addresses their own interests and aspirations.

More importantly however, it prepares them for these experiences by focusing on the real-world applications of their subjects, often in an interdisciplinary way rather than siloing subjects.  The school also provides the opportunity for students to take on additional challenges such as advanced placement courses, concurrent university courses, and independent study modules.  This curriculum is supported by our advisory model and exceptional teacher-to-student ratio, which gives students more individualized support than would be possible in a traditional classroom setting.


Both Single-Subject & Interdisciplinary Coursework

The Harbour School views subjects as interconnected, and our interdisciplinary coursework reflects that.  Many subjects are offered as single-subject, such as Forensic Chemistry, Dystopian Literature, Advanced Mandarin, Documentary Photography or Psychology of Adolescence. Many others are offered as interdisciplinary, exploring a subject from many sides and taught by two teachers from different academic disciplines.  Elements of science rely on mathematics just as engineering can draw insight from art, and students take problem-solving and cooperative learning strategies from one subject to another.  We believe that an interdisciplinary approach fosters creativity and innovative thinking, skills that will serve our students well in the real world.

Sample Interdisciplinary Courses

STEAM Week and Arts Interim

Sandwiched between Terms 1 and 2, STEAM week provides an in-depth dive into a topic related to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and/or Math.  Although these credit-bearing mini-courses vary from year to year, students may find themselves choosing from topics as diverse as “Cooking with Biology,” “Subaquatic Hong Kong,” “Economic and Sustainable Living Project,” “Making a Silk Purse from a Sow’s Ear,” or “Toy and Game Design.”  Between Terms 2 and 3, our Arts Interim presents another week of mini-courses with a more artistic bent that might include courses such as “High Tech Fashion,” “Pirate Hunters,” “Abandoned Hong Kong” or “Crafting a Murder Mystery.”

Advisory Model

At the start of every academic year each student is assigned an academic advisor to mentor them, help curate their module choices, and generally support them on their independent educational journey.  Mentors help empower students to cultivate their personal interests and extracurricular activities, and work in close collaboration with subject teachers.  The advisory model, in addition to the school’s student-to-teacher ratio provides each student with the attention and support they need to flourish.

Doc Mellhorn

What a year it has been. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic and a challenging school year fraught with disruptions from campus closures, quarantine scares and ever more stringent Covid-related rules, the school has, through incredible support from this amazing community, come out stronger and had a really successful year. From the growth of Project Hope’s initiatives to delivering what many parents felt was the best virtual school program in this city to winning recognition for our innovative programs at the HK Living Awards, we are perhaps most proud of the successes of our graduating high school seniors.

What is personalisation, really?

With a high teacher to student ratio, our High School is intentionally small in order to deliver an individualized program for each one of our students that is tailored to their particular needs, goals and passions which will help them stand out in their applications to universities.

High School

It’s college acceptance season and we are proud of our High School’s class of 2021 scoring offers from top colleges and universities in the US and UK. In this era of Covid-19, universities are changing the requirements needed for entrance and many have gone test optional.

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