The School Day

Students at the high school begin their day at 9 AM and finish at 5 PM.

The 9 AM start is to account for the fact that adolescents at this age generally are not ready and awake to begin work before this time, as pointed to by many studies. On varying days, students will complete their class schedule at either 3:45 or 5 PM. When finishing class at 3:45 PM, students remain on campus to either complete homework, liaise with class teachers or work on group projects. Spending this extra time on campus, rather than returning directly home allows most of our students to depart school for the day with no to little homework and developing meaningful relationships with teachers and peers. On other days, students may have class until 5 PM, depending on their schedules. Afternoon classes on offer range from different extracurricular sports, such as Basketball, Netball or cheerleading, Marine Science independent research projects, music classes, yearbook committee and many other offerings which are offered based on the cohort’s interests. 

Within the daily schedule, students will have two 15 minute breaks, one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one hour-long lunch break in the middle of the day. As we view students at the high school as young adults and not “children” this comes with a number of privileges and responsibilities. One privilege the high school students can enjoy is spending time off-campus during their breaks within the Ap Lei Chau community. Many of our students enjoy eating out at lunch time, getting some fresh air in the park or going for a walk during break times throughout the day. 

Individual student schedules are built on the basis of student choice.

There are no predesignated courses assigned to students, but rather academic advising to ensure that students are completing their required credits for both graduation and college readiness, alongside individual pathways that will allow students to be most successful for the stage they can achieve. 

Within the typical day, students will spend either 60 - 90 minutes in each class block, depending on their individualised schedule. Individual classes meet every day, ensuring students have ample access and time with their teachers. Additionally, students spend 30 - 60 minutes every day with their advisor, securing time for consultation on anything from social-emotional wellbeing, to academic guidance, to general scheduling issues. 

Throughout the year, students are presented with many opportunities to become engaged further within our school and wider community. Students relish the opportunity to run for Student Council officer positions, engage with various local and international competitions, welcome guest speakers, explore the local and international environment during trips, support various charities and charitable work within Hong Kong, amongst many other opportunities on offer. The pathways set out at The Harbour School allow students to redefine their own experiences of their education, and as responsible young adults, are presented opportunities of choice based on their interests and passions.

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