Learner Goals

The seven Learner Goals are: Inquisitive, Integrated Within, Integrated among others, Resilient, Innovative, Perceptive and Self-Determined.Students know that what schools think is important is what gets measured.  At most schools that might be content knowledge at a specific moment in an academic year.  But at THS, we feel that the qualities that will serve a young person throughout his or her life are also important.  The Learner Goals are traits that are self-scored by each student in each class (because one might be resilient in one and not in another) and also scored by teachers in each class, allowing students, teachers and families to talk them over.  The Learner Goal scores are not forwarded to future schools, but are included with each report card.

The THS Learner Goals are known by every student from primary through high school, and discussions often emerge about what they really mean.  (When Erin worked super hard on that math test, was that a sign of being “Integrated Within” or “Resilient” or “Self-Determined”?)  They are deliberately ambiguous, because that ambiguity engenders critical thinking.  Ask any kid at THS, though, to give you an example of any Learner Goal, and even the youngest will have a good response, probably along with an explanation.  Kids at THS know that these seven qualities are important.  We model them, we point them out, we talk about them, and we even measure them. 


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