Primary School

A Message from our Primary Principal

Dear Grove Families,

It’s my joy and privilege to share The Harbour School experience with you. 

In my eleventh year as a faculty member  (six as Principal) and school parent, I’ve  heard the same thought expressed by students, parents and teachers in describing their time with us: the appreciation for a culture where the individual is genuinely considered. It was certainly easier to commit to this when we had fifty students back when I started in 2009 but with over 420 across three campuses’s become that much more of a feather in our cap that people still feel this way.

Schools are often known for lauding ideals like the “pursuit of academic excellence” or “21st century learning” and yes, at THS we certainly are committed to cultivating capable thinkers, readers, writers, mathematicians and future-ready citizens of the world, but those attributes are less meaningful if students have not felt empowered to discover who they are, where they shine, what they need to work on and what is meaningful to them. Whether solving an algorithm on paper or the puzzle of friendship, crafting a narrative for a fantasy world or a critical research question, it is just as important for each of these learning experiences to be fraught with the rigor of academic achievement and teachable moments as it is for them to be full of  “drawing out” or self-discovery moments too. The latter requires the prerequisite of consideration of the whole individual, so a child is known not just for the child others want to see, but for the person the child wants others to see.

More than perhaps any other, this year we stay resolute in our mission to prepare each of our students to be thoughtful friends and partners, productive citizens and deeply fulfilled individuals as they stand at the helm of an ever-shifting dynamic world. We are all about the details at THS and I hope you will find that our carefully considered curriculum and curated experiences harboured within a culture of kindness prevails so that we see your child for all he or she is as we evolve alongside.


Christine Greenberg

In Primary School our students start their learning journey at The Grove, our newest campus. The campus was designed with our student-centric experiential learning approach in mind at every level.Don’t be surprised if the classrooms and learning centers at The Grove look nothing like traditional classrooms with rows of desks all facing forwards. Even as students proceed along our modified U.S. academic curriculum they might be put on a play in our Black Box Theater one day and then learn about ecosystem balance at our Marine Sciences Center the next. Our 8:1 average student to teacher ratio ensures that students get individualized attention, which is supplemented by our Learning Support and Learning Extension programs in cases with more unique learner needs. The Primary School program minimizes homework and focuses on developing critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, and confidence.   

The Future of Education

After two academic years disrupted by a global pandemic which also saw protests erupt across the world for everything from democracy to climate change to racial justice, the role of education has never been more critical on the one hand and on the other, more uncertain.

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