Upper Primary

Grade 3 through Grade 6

In Upper Primary, students focus on building increasing independence and are provided opportunities to take on new responsibilities, both inside and outside the classroom.  Students acquire the attitudes, skills and knowledge that contribute to lifelong effective learning, with an emphasis placed on collaboration, communication, and the development of critical thinking skills.  Students are encouraged to build on their knowledge of the world and their unique experiences throughout the curriculum, and they develop a self-awareness that facilitates individual goal-setting, decision making and problem solving.

Curricular Highlights

Third Grade Xi’An trip

After a term of studying the history of China, our Third Graders take a trip to Xi’An where they not only visit the Terra Cotta Warriors but also make their own, have a dumpling banquet, do Tai Chi on the Ancient City Wall, learn Chinese calligraphy and paper-cuting, visit the Wild Goose Pagoda, visit the Hangyang Underground Palace and perform a simulated excavation, and much more.  Parents and siblings are invited, but not required to attend.

Fourth Grade Renaissance Faire

After a term of studying the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Renaissance, our Fourth Grade students present a Renaissance Faire for the whole school.  They include bards,  dancing, an apothecary to cure illnesses (of which there are many), a buttery, calligraphy, brass rubbings, games, sword fighting and much more!  Although our Fourth Graders curate the event and run the booths, the whole school gets into the act.  Parents are welcome to attend, but only if they are wearing the appropriate costume.

Fifth Grade Global Issues Conference

Our 5th Graders spend an entire term researching and acting upon a global issue that they have chosen, in preparation for a final presentation of their posters and speeches.  Attendees include parents, students, teachers, and usually dignitaries from international organizations or consulates.  This activity takes the place of Science and Social Studies units for the term.

Sixth Grade Future of Education Conference

By now, our students have developed some pretty strong opinions about the ways that they would like to see the field of education evolve for their own children.  Their conference educates parents and teachers about issues related to education and why they believe them to be important.

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