Movement and Wellness (P.E.)

Beginning 23Y24, Physical Education has been renamed Movement and Wellness (MAW), emphasizing a more holistic approach to physical wellbeing, and the inclusion of multiple new forms of movement to activate and inspire all THS learners in a more vibrant and healthy lifestyle.     

Movement and Wellness is a space where we explore, play, and learn about new ways of moving our bodies and taking charge of our happiness and well-being. It can feel like a fitness class, emphasizing strength, endurance, and flexibility through exercises, sports, and games. At times, it resembles a dance class or a yoga and meditation class. In MAW, we discover diverse approaches to movement that contribute to our overall wellness.

THS Black Dolphin Sports

The goals of the Black Dolphin Sports program are participation, skill development, sportsmanship, character building and overall enjoyment. At THS, we want our athletes to discover a lifelong passion for sport.

THS is a member of two sports leagues including the International School Sports Federation of Hong Kong (ISSFHK), which features over thirty international schools across Hong Kong. THS is also a member in The School Sports Federation of Hong Kong, China (HKSSF). This league allows athletes to compete in a more individual setting such as gymnastics or fencing. THS offers a variety of different sports including basketball, cheerleading, climbing, cross country, and wrestling and we are looking to expand in the future. Black Dolphin Sports teams are open to grade four and above. Students in Junior Grade 1 to Grade 3 can look into joining our Junior Dolphin program or our S.E.A. courses.

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