Community Oriented

We are part of our family, our neighborhood, our school, our city, and our global community.  We strive to be responsible and joyful members of each.


  • Expects a cultural foundation of Kindness: see each other with best intentions.
  • Involves learners in the local, national and global economic and social community. 
  • Respects every age and integrates across generations. 
  • Celebrates each other's wins often, and works together by providing and accepting thoughtful, open and candid feedback.
  • Takes responsibility for global sustainability.

Just as with a jazz band, the music we play together enhances the music we play individually, and the music we play individually improves the music of the group.  At THS, we recognize the interdependence of people across grade levels, roles, relationships and skill levels.  We also see ourselves as part of the larger symphony that is the world around us.  As part of that world community, we are responsible for our own contributions and for creating the harmonies of the future.

THS hosts an annual mooncake drive to provide mooncakes to the community around Ap Lei Chau. 

Student learning about the importance of recycling.

Community of Kindness

When teachers at THS initiated a community service program called Project Hope at the school it was received with great enthusiasm by the THS community. With the aim of cultivating “a spirit of hope and positivity”, the Project Hope team extended THS’s culture of care out to the local community with organised voluntary activities its students, teachers and THS families have been eager to participate in. 

Service learning creates the type of students who know they can make a difference in a life or in the world. 

To read more about Project Hope and its initiatives, click here.

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