Invested in the Individual

Know that each person within our community comes with a personality, a history, a set of preferences, goals, specific talents and potentials. Everybody doesn’t fit the same mold. We endeavor to find and reveal each individual’s best. 

  • Recognizes each person as complex and nuanced.
  • Provides appropriate content at an appropriate pace.
  • Aligns learning to the individual’s abilities, interests, and goals.
  • Values the whole spectrum of human diversity. 
  • Gains collectively from different approaches, perspectives, and experiences and gain individually from the acceptance of your own differences. 

At THS, rather than trying to fit all people into one mold with the same result in mind, we endeavor instead to find and reveal each individual’s best self.  Often that revelation astonishes and delights us, as many times the revelation exceeds what we ourselves might have imagined.  We prioritize social and emotional health and development, not just because it is kind but also because people who are emotionally healthy learn and produce more.  And we recognize that we all benefit from a diversity of talents, approaches and interests both when working within heterogeneous teams and when considering our own strengths and weaknesses.  

Student learning how to make his own guitar

Focus on Individual Passions

THS high school student Nikki Wong’s passion for marine science led her to a research study on a local Hong Kong coral that won third prize in a prestigious STEM competition for secondary school students in Hong Kong. It was conducted with the guidance of THS’s Marine Science Center, the only marine research facility of its kind in a primary and secondary school in Hong Kong.  

Maxine Cutracci, Marine Science Specialist and Science Coordinator said, “We are pleased and proud of Nikki’s research and the Marine Science Center’s role in helping her with this achievement. As a teacher and a marine biologist, it was deeply rewarding to follow Nikki during her research process as she became more and more passionate about her research topic."

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