Experience First

Experience is defined as “an event or occurrence which leaves an impression on someone” and we view it as paramount to the learning journey.

  • Remember that learning happens best when material is developmentally appropriate and compelling.

  • Know that emotionally healthy people learn more and produce better.

  • Invest into each interaction with each other and the world.

  • Classroom experiences include historical role-play, hands-on experimental science, debates or seminars, and the production of real events or products.

  • Develop self direction. 

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of minds to think.


Really engaging in experiences not only broadens a skill and knowledge base but also deepens understanding and memory.  That which is remembered at the end of a lesson or a term or a lifetime will depend on the depth of its processing.  At THS we promote learning as an experiential process through which the insights of a moment inform the insights of a lifetime.  

THS is a leader in experiential education and a Leadership Circle school in the Independent Schools Experiential Education Network (ISEEN).

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