Redefining Rigor

A new set of rigorous classroom expectations, evaluated in terms of the intellectual, personal, academic and creative challenge of the experience, rather than the passive absorption of information

  • Prioritizes a deep understanding, in addition to knowing.

  • Experiences develop meta-cognitive skills.

  • Drives the best possible expression of the person or team involved in the experience.

  • Cultivates a culture of thinking and expects intellectual honesty.

  • Ensures learning is multi-directional and authentic.

At THS, learning is multi-directional, authentic, and tied to an individual's greater understanding. We value thinking and deep understanding related to a subject in addition to simply knowing content, and outside of school walls we encourage home learning instead of just home work. We encourage rigorous thinking, which involves intellectual honesty and the questioning of assumptions, processes, advice, rules and solutions. Whether people are creating a performance, starting a company, writing a rebuttal or monitoring a coral reef, we encourage the highest possible level of production and strive to push beyond limiting expectations.

Every year, our 5th graders participate in a Global Issues Conference, a public-speaking event to encourage awareness and advocacy of pertinent social, environmental and health issues the world.

Middle School students build their solution to the limitations of Hong Kong subsidized homes.

Outdoor Classrooms

Students in the applied science and social studies classes take their knowledge to the sea on the school’s outdoor classroom, the Black Dolphin, to learn first-hand what life lives in Hong Kong’s waters and bring history to life.

They learn things from how to do a beach survey for marine life and collect data on water parameters, to migration, navigation and exploration. They often also collect samples that can be studied back in their classrooms or at our Marine Science Center. 

The learning goals vary for different aged students and expeditions but are always tied to teacher's core curriculums.

To learn more about some of our recent Black Dolphin journeys, click here.

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